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Research Areas

Corporate strategy and sustainable competitiveadvantages (SCAs) of firms, International strategy and governance ofenterprises in emerging economies


Directorof Center for Case Studies of Business School


1997.9-2000.7,PhD in Business Management, NanjingUniversity

1986.9-1989.7,Master in Northeast Normal University

Further Educationand Training Experience

2005.7-2005.8,Training for case teaching and writing of Business Management in HarvardBusiness School in the United States

2002.7,Training for Business Management cases teaching in Western Ontario University’sIvey School of Business in Canada

1996-1997,As a Chinese Fulbright Scholar for the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program, workedwith Professor Jay Barney (One of the founders of “Resource-based View” ofcorporate strategy) for advanced studies about Advanced Strategic Management inthe United States

Professional Experience

2004-Present,Professor and Ph.D. Advisor, Business School of Nankai University

2002-2004,Professor, Business School of Nankai University

2000-2002,Associate Professor, Business School of Nankai University

2000.9-2002.8,Post doctor in Business Management, Nankai University

1997-2000,Associate Professor, Business School of Nanjing University


[1]    2014.9, China National MBA EducationSupervisory Committee, The 5th National Top 100 Excellent ManagementCases Award

[2]    2014.6, Guided the graduation thesis ofBusiness Management major student to gain the Excellent Undergraduate ThesisAward of Nankai University

[3]    2014, Nankai University, ExcellentAchievements Award in Social Sciences Research

[4]    2013, Nankai University, ExcellentAchievements Award in Social Sciences Research

[5]    2012.6, Nankai University, ExcellentAchievements Award in Social Sciences Research

[6]    2012.6, Guided the graduation thesis ofBusiness Management major student to gain the Excellent Undergraduate ThesisAward of Nankai University

[7]    2012, UK-based Emerald, Emerald LiteratiNetwork 2012 Highly Commended Award, Research paper “Cross-listing, CorporateGovernance and Corporate Performance: Empirical Evidence of Hong Kong-listedChinese Companies”

[8]    2011.9, China National MBA EducationSupervisory Committee, The 2nd National Top 100 Excellent ManagementCases Award

[9]    2010, Tianjin Municipal Government, 3rd Prize of Tianjin 12th Excellent Achievements in Social SciencesResearch

[10]     2010.7, Guided the master thesis ofBusiness Management major student to gain the Excellent Master Thesis Award ofNankai University

Social Service

WorkingExperience Related with Profession

[1]    2014.6, Study and Training Class forPhilosophy and Social Sciences Research of Central Party School

[2]    2014.5, Part time editor and columnmoderator of Foreign Economics &Management journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

[3]    2014.9, Judge, The 2nd NationalManagement Case Elite Contest Final Competition, University of Science andTechnology Beijing

[4]    2013.9, Judge, The 1st NationalManagement Case Elite Contest Final Competition, East China Normal University

[5]    2013.8, Annual Conference on ManagementCase Studies and Harvard Business School McFarlan Case Studies Seminar,Tsinghua University

[6]    2013.7, Part-time Professor, ZhejiangUniversity of Finance & Economics

[7]    2013.1, Standing Director, ManagementCases Sharing Center “National Case Studies Center Strategic Alliance” of ChinaNational MBA Education Supervisory Committee

[8]    2013.1, Member, 13th TianjinBranch of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee

[9]    2013-Present, Member, SpecializedCommittee for Case Studies of Chinese Society for Management Modernization

[10]     2013-Present, Qualification of IndependentDirector for Listing Companies in China

[11]     2013-Present, Deputy director, TianjinMunicipal Committee of Enterprises of China National Democratic ConstructionAssociation

[12]     2012-Present, Director, Marketing Major ofBinhai college of Nankai University

[13]     2011-Present, Standing Director, AnnualConference on Management Case Studies

[14]     2011.2-2012.2, Assistant of President,Federation of Industry and Commerce of Tianjin Heping District

[15]     2010-Present, Part-time Professor, GuizhouUniversity, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, Inner MongoliaUniversity

[16]     2010-Present, Standing Director, Nationalmanagement case studies center federation

[17]     2010-Present, Member, Academic Committeeof PekingUniversity Case Research Center Newsletter

[18]     2009-Present, Interviewer for ChinaScholarship Council Western Area Program

[19]     2008-Present, Member, Tianjin branch ofCPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)

[20]     2008-Present, Member of Editorial Boardfor CorporateGovernance Review

[21]     2008-Present, Supervisor for BusinessSchool, Nankai University “One Hundred Outstanding Teachers Program”

[22]     2006-Present, Member, Asia Academy ofManagement (AAOM)

[23]     2006-Present, Member, InternationalAssociation of Chinese Management Research (IACMR)

[24]     2006-Present, Anonymous Reviewer forDoctoral Thesis in Management for several Chinese Universities

[25]     2005-2013, Member, Committee for ForeignCommunications of Central Committee of China National Democratic ConstructionAssociation

[26]     2005-2009, External Examiner forDissertation or Research Portfolio of DBA Program at the University of SouthAustralia

[27]     2005-Present, Member, Tianjin Committee ofChina National Democratic Construction Association

[28]     2005-Present, Member, Nankai UniversityCommittee of China National Democratic Construction Association

[29]     2004-Present, Reviewer, NationalNatural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, ChinaPostdoctoral Research Foundation and several provincial level naturalscience foundations in China

[30]     2004-Present, Member of Academy ofManagement (AOM), Reviewer for the annual conferences of the academy,particularly for the division of Business Policy and Strategic Management, andthe division of Organizational Theories and Management

[31]     2004-Present, Director, Research Office ofTransnational Enterprise Governance of Corporate Governance Research Center ofNankai University, which is one of the Humanities and Social Sciences KeyResearch Bases of the Ministry of Education

[32]     2002-Present, Reviewer, NankaiBusiness Review, Chinese Journal of Management Science, Journalof Management Science



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Conference Presentations

[1]    Zhou J., JinY., Ren S. Why Do R&D Investments Differ in Different High-techEnterprises? The Role of Board Background [C] // 2012 International Conference on Management Science & Engineering19th Annual Conference Proceedings (Volume I). pp: 671-678. Dallas, USA, 2012.9.20-22.

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Books and Chapters

[1]    Zhou J. etal. 2010. Report on the Developmentof Humanities and Social Sciences in Foreign Universities. Secretariat of theSocial Science Committee of the Ministry of Education. Business Management.Beijing: High Education Press, 2010. (Participate in Writing)

[2]    Jay B. Barney. (Translated by) Zhou J Et al. Gaining and SustainingCompetitive Advantage. Beijing: China Machine Press, 2013.


[1]    2013.1-2016.12, China National NaturalScience Foundation funded project, Research on Strategic Governance andSustainable Competitive Advantage of Enterprises Based on Strategic DecisionCapital (PI)

[2]    2011.10-2014.12, Humanities and SocialSciences Key Research Project of Ministry of Education, Research on theStrategic Governance in Corporate Investment and Financing Based on theCompetency of Board of Directors (PI)

[3]    2009.1-2012.12, China National NaturalScience Foundation funded project, Study on Institutional Transitions,Strategic Choices and the Source of Competitive Advantage in the Process ofChinese Enterprises’ Internationalization (PI)

[4]    2008.12-2011.12, The New Century TalentsProgram Project of the Ministry of Education, Study on Corporate GovernanceEvaluation and Competitive Advantages of Chinese SOEs under the InternationalStrategy (PI)

[5]    2007.9-2010.9, Tianjin Philosophy andSocial Science Research Project, Study on Corporate Strategies and CompetitiveAdvantages Based on Corporate Governance (PI)


Undergraduate:Introduction to Business, Strategic Management,


Master: Corporate Strategy, NetworkOrganization, Strategic Management Theories,

CorporateGovernance (MBA)

GeneralManagement (MBA, MPM, EMBA, MEM)

StrategicManagement (MBA, MPM, EMBA, MEM)

PhD:Transnational Corporate Governance