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Zhongming YU
Business Administration
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Research Areas

• Project Management

• Knowledge Management
• Enterprise Input-output Analysis


Deputy Director of Master of Project Management Center


Ph.D. in Management, Nankai University

Professional Experience

Professor of Department of Business Administration, Nankai University


Project management was awarded as one of National Excellent Courses in 2005, and Professor Yu was a member of the project team.

Social Service

Director of China's Input-Output Association

• Yu, Zhongming(2008), "Methods of Enterprise Input-output," Tianjin People's Publishing House.

• Yu, Zhongming (2007), "Design and Planning of Project," Tianjin People's Publishing House.

• Yu,Zhongming(2002), "Methods of Modern Enterprise Input-output," Tianjin Science and Technology Press.

• Xiao, Min, Yu, Zhongming, Xin, Sheng(2011), "Cost Control Study of Engineering Construction Project Group," Theoretical Study of Urban Construction,114(10):180-181.

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•Yu, Zhongming, Feng, Yaping, "The Study of a Learning Project Organization, "The Proceedings of 20th IPMA World Congress on Project Management.


• One of Project Leaders of Soft Science Research Project of Ministry of Housing and Urban "Control of Large-scale Public Construction Projects Group in China, Taking the First Phase of Tianjin Haihe Education Park For Example ”.

• A member of Project " Bulk Cement Development Objectives, Modes of Innovation and Further Enhance China's Cement Bulk Rate Measures" Directed by College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Nankai University and Tianjin Bulk Cement Development Management Center.

•"Binhai New Area Independent Innovation Ability of Project-oriented Organization", Subsidized by Centre of Asian Studies, Nankai University in 2007.


• Project Management

• Knowledge Management
• Enterprise Input-output Analysis