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Project Management


2003.9-2006.6,PhD in Management, The Business School, Nankai University

2000.9-2003.6,Master of Engineering (Major: Management Science and Engineering) SouthwestPetroleum University

1996.9-2000.6,Bachelor of Management (Major: Marketing)

SouthwestPetroleum University

Professional Experience

2006.11-Present,Lecturer in Management, School of Business, Nankai University, 


[1]     2013,Project Management (Written by Yang Y.W.) was chose by Ministry of Education asthe “The List of Proposals for National Quality shared Courses” and the firstInternet Shared Courses of University

Social Service

[1]     2014,Hosted the International Project Management Association (IPMA) ResearchConference

Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


[1]     Hu Y., Yang Y. How to Deal with theInterrupting Project Effectively: from the Perspective of Resource. Management and Administration, 2014, No.11: 121-124. (Published in Chinese)

[2]     Hu Y., Yang Y. Research on Project RiskManagement Mechanism Based on the Value-orientation. Management and Administration,2014, No. 10: 99-102. (Published in Chinese)

[3]     Yang Y. Project Team andProject Performance: The Research of Projects under the Circumstances ofEnterprise. Project Management Technology, 2014, Vol. 12, No. 4, 37-42. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Yang Y. Research onCognitive Differences and Their Impact on Project Risk Management. ModernManagement Science, 2012, No. 3, 46-48. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     XiongQ., Qi A., Yang Y. Research onDecomposition Techniques and Methodology of Projects with Different Functions. ProjectManagement Technology, 2010, Vol. 8, No. 1: 13-18. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Xing J.The Research of Developing Economic Management Operational Research CoursesBased on Information Technology Platform. TheSecond Session of the Chinese Economic Management Teaching Forum, Beijing,China, 2011.11.7-8.

[2]     Yang Y.W. Research Onthe Capacity to Deal with Accidents of Project Team. The 11th China Project Management Conference, Beijing, China,2012.11.17-18.

[3]     XiongQ., Zhai L., Yang Y. Research onGovernment Organization Management Mode of Project oriented andinnovation-oriented development zone. Proceedingsof International Conference on Engineering and Business Management, Chengdu,China, 2010.3.25.

[4]     Yang Y.W. Research onProject Collaboration Network. The 9thChina Project Management Conference, Shanghai, China, 2010.12.4-15.


[1]     2015-Present,National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) funded project, TheResearch on Process Mechanism of Joint Collective Demission (Collaborator)

[2]     2015-Present,National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC) funded project, The Researchon Interdependent Relationship between Entrepreneurial Enterprise and VentureCapital Institution (Collaborator)

[3]     2010.9-2013.9,Tianjin Science and Technology Development Strategic Plan project, TheConstitution of Technological Innovation Management System and OperationMechanism Under the Background of the Interaction between EntrepreneurialEnterprise and Incubator (Collaborator)

[4]     2010.7-2013.7,Key Topics of State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision, TheResearch on Models and Methods of Coal Mine Safety Integrated Risk ManagementMaturity Based on Demonstration (Collaborator)


Undergraduate:Project Management, Industrial Economics, Quality Management,

 Industrial Organization

Master:Assets Appraisal (Master of Technological Economics)

       Project Proof & Evaluation (MBA)

       Project Time Management, Project CostManagement (MPA)