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Entrepreneurship Management, StrategyManagement, 


2005.9-2008.6,PhD in Management, Department of BusinessManagement, Business School of Nankai University;

2001.9-2005.6, Master of Management, Department of Business Management, Business Schoolof Nankai University;

1998.9-2002.6, Bachelor of Arts in Management, Department ofBusiness Management, Business School of Nankai University;

Further Education and Training Experience

2013.3,TETA Teachers’ Training Course of Babson College, U.S.

2006.7,Research Methods in Management Seminar, Co-hosted by Hongkong ChineseUniversity and China Renmin University

Professional Experience

2008.6-2010.12,Lecturer, Department of Business Management, Business Schoolof Nankai University

2011.11-now,Associate Professor, Department ofBusiness Management, Business School of Nankai University

2012.4-2012.5,Visiting Scholar, Jonkonping International Business School, JongkopingUniversity, Sweden

2012.8-2013.5, Fulbright Scholar in IVY Tech CommunityCollege, South Bend, IN, The United States. Fulbright Scholar,teaching Introduction to Business, Principle of Management; giving lectures inDePauW UniversityGeorgeWashington University, Universidad del Este


[1]     2013, NankaiUniversity, Hundreds Talents Plan

[2]     2013, Education Ministry, New CenturyTalents Plan

[3]     2013, EducationMinistry, the 2nd Prize in China University Excellent Social ScienceResearch Achievement (Social Capital, Experience and Entrepreneur opportunity)

[4]     2013,Tianjin Government, 2nd Prize in Tianjin Social Science ResearchAchievement (A Review of Literature of CPSED and Academic Value)

[5]     2013,Tianjin Government, 3rd Prize in Tianjin Social Science ResearchAchievement (The Role of Experience Heterogeneity and Conflict Characteristicin Entrepreneur Group)

[6]     2011, ExcellentArticle Prize, Entrepreneur and Innovation Seminar & Youth Academy Seminar

[7]     2011, highly commended, Emerald Press Group

[8]     2010, EducationMinistry and State Council Academy Committee, National Hundred ExcellentDoctoral Dissertation (Social Capital, Entrepreneur Opportunity and Performanceof New Venture)

[9]     2010,Nankai University, Excellent Social Science Research Achievement


Social Service


[1]     2013, instructorin Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Economy Department, Jiling University

[2]     2010.7-Present,expert volunteer, Tianjin Women Entrepreneur Center

Working ExperienceRelated with Profession

[1]     2014, Reviewer,IACMR 2014 Annual Article

[2]     2014, Reviewer, International Small Business Journal (SSCI Journal)

[3]     2013, Reviewer, IACMR 2013 Annual Article

[4]     2012, Reviewer,China Enterprise Management Cases and Qualitative Research Forum

[5]     2011, Reviewer,China Enterprise Management Cases and Qualitative Research Forum

[6]     2010, Reviewer, IACMR 2010 Annual Article

[7]     2009.1-Present,expert in communication appraisal, National Natural Science Foundation

[8]     2009.7-Present,Reviewer, Management World, Nankai Business Review, Journal ofManagement Science in China, Foreign Economics & Management, ManagementReview, Management Journal

[9]     2009, Reviewer,REE 2009Roundtableon Entrepreneurship Education, Co-host by Stanford University and The ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong



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[4]     Entrepreneurshipand Value Creation, DePauw University, U.S., 2013.2.27.

[5]     How todo Business in China, Greencastle Campus, IVY College, U.S. 2013.2.26

[6]     ChinaCPSED Project Design and Discovery, Jonkoping university, Sweden, 2012.4.26

[7]     ManagementProblems in China Entrepreneurship: CPSED Research Design and Discovery, the 3rd Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation and Management Forum, Inner Mongolia Universityof Finance and Economics, 2011.7

[8]     EntrepreneurialBehavior and Context Uniqueness: CPSED Research Design and Discovery, ChinaInnovation and Corporate Growth 2011 Annual Meeting, Harbin EngineeringUniversity, 2011.5

[9]     ChinaEntrepreneur Research Ten Years: Current review and Future Prediction,Entrepreneur and Innovation Seminar & Youth Academy Seminar, NankaiUniversity, 2011.8

[10] ScienceResearch Methods”, Tianjin University of Finance and Economy, 2010.9.8

[11] ChinesePSED: Overview of First Round of Data Collection, 2009 Business CreationSymposium, George Washington University, 2009.9

[12] Challengesand opportunity in entrepreneurship research in China, IIBD&LEWI Innovationand Entrepreneurship International Seminar, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2008.10 



[1]     ResearchThinking and Design: “Phenomenon and Theory”, Economy School of Ji LinUniversity, Changchun, Jinlin, 2013.9.8.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


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Non-Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

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Books and Chapters

[1]     Yang Jun. SocialCapital, Entrepreneur Opportunity and Performance of New Venture. Tianjin: Nankai University, 2013. (Monograph)

[2]     ZhangYu Li, Yang Jun. Review on Classicliterature of Entrepreneur. Tianjin: Nankai University Press, 2010. (DeputyEditor-in-Chief)

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[1]     2013.1-2016.12,National Natural Science Foundation Project. Research on the emergence oftechnological new venture's business model and its performance implications(PI)

[2]     2011.1-2016.12,National outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Special-funded Project. TheFormation of Entrepreneurial Team and the Source of Growth Performance from ProgressInteraction Perspective (PI)

[3]     2009.1-2012.12,National Natural Science Foundation Project. The Formation of EntrepreneurialTeam and the Interaction Effects of Team Composition and Process duringInstitutional Transition (PI)

[4]     2009.1-2012.12.Education Ministry. the Antecedents of Entrepreneurs' Network Strategy and ItsPerformance Implication during Gestation Process (PI)

[5]     2007.1-2011.12,National Natural Science Foundation Project. Mechanism of New Venture Creationand Growth (Collaborator)



Undergraduate:Management, Entrepreneurial Management (in English),

Entrepreneur Thinking and Behavior

Master: Management(MBA), Entrepreneurial Management (MBA, in English)



Undergraduate:Management, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Behavior

Master: Management(MBA), Entrepreneurial Management (MBA),

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Growth



Undergraduate:Management, Entrepreneur Thinking and Behavior,


Master:Entrepreneurial Management (MBA), Corporate Ethics (MBA)



Undergraduate:Management, Corporate Ethics, Entrepreneurial Management

Master:Entrepreneurial Management (MBA), Corporate Ethics (MBA),

Entrepreneurshipand Enterprise Growth.

PhD:Senior Management



Undergraduate:Management, Corporate Ethics, Entrepreneurial Management

Master:Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Growth.