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Youzhi XUE
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Research Areas

StrategicManagement, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics,
Mergerand Acquisition (M &A)


Directorof the Research Office of Ethic of Corporate Governance in the Research Centerof Corporate Governance of Nankai University


1994.9-1998.12,PhD in Economics (Major: Political Economics) The School of Economics and Management, JilinUniversity

1987.9-1990.7,Master of Economics (Major: Business Management) 

TheDepartment of Industrial Economics, Renmin University of China

1983.9-1987.7, Bachelor of Economics 

TheSchool of Economics and Management, Jilin University

Professional Experience

2002.6-Present,Teaching in School of Business, Nankai University

1990.7-2002.6,Teaching in School of Economics and Management, Jilin University

1998.12-2001.3,Researcher in Postdoctoral of Business Management Research Station, NankaiUniversity.


[1]     2009,Be Selected by Program for New Century Excellent Talents

Social Service

WorkingExperience Related with Profession:

[1]     2008.9,vice secretary general, standing director of Chinese Society for ManagementModernization.

[2]     2009.8,standing director of Tianjin Institute of Management



[1]     TheMechanism and Path of Enterprises’ Strategic Transformation, The 6th StrategyScholars Forum, 2013.12.15, Xinjiang University

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Book and Chapters

[1]     CharlesW. L. Hill, Gareth R. Jones. (Translated by) Xue Y.Z. etc. The Management of Strategy: Concepts and Cases.Beijin: China Machine Press, 2012.

[2]     Xue Y.Z. Research onEthical Corporate Governance. Tianjin: Nankai University Press, 2011. (Editor-in-Chief)

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[1]     2014.1-2017.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) funded project, Research onthe Selection of Enterprise Strategic Transformation Path: from the Perspectiveof Corporate Governance and Environmental Constraints (PI)

[2]     2011.9-2014.9,Major Project of Ministry of Education’s Key Research Base, Study on CorporateGovernance of Enterprise Strategic Transformation (PI)

[3]     2010.1-2012.12,Ministry of Education’s Program for New Century Excellent Talents Project”Strategic Dependence of Corporate Governance (PI)

[4]     2008.1-2010.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) funded project, Study onOptimization of Corporate Governance Based on Diversification Strategy (PI)


Undergraduate:Business Ethic

Master:Merger and Acquisition (MBA), Management (MBA),

StrategicManagement (EMBA)

PhD:Culture Study on Corporate Governance