Business Administration

Hongzhi XUE
Associate Professor
Business Administration
Tel: 022-23498069
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Research Areas

Innovation management, Entrepreneurship management,

Business growth, Company's internal Entrepreneurship


Deputy director of the research center ofentrepreneurship management,

Deputy director of the MBA center of NankaiUniversity.


2004.9-2007.6,PhD in Management (Major: Strategic Management; Minor: Innovation), NankaiUniversity

2001.9-2004.6,Master of Management, Nankai University

1997.9-2001.6,Bachelor of MIS in Engineering, Tianjin University of Commerce 

Professional Experience

2013.4-2013.5,Visiting Scholar in Jönköping International Business School, JönköpingUniversity, Sweden

2010.1-Present,Associate Professor in Management, School of Business,


2007.7-2009.12,Assistant Professor in Management, School of Business,



[1]     2013, NankaiUniversity teaching achievement award, to build the exploration and practice ofthe ecological system of entrepreneurship education, first prize

[2]     2012, Thebrand era of international media, MBA elite clubs, as well as domestic andforeign more than twenty mainstream finance, education and media jointlyawarded the ninth MBA achievement award, China MBA distinguishedprofessor"

[3]     2012, Thenational MBA Education Steering Committee, the third national 100 excellentmanagement case

[4]     2011, Thenational MBA Education Steering Committee, the second national 100 excellentmanagement case

Social Service


[1]     2013-Present,Tianjin City Road business service center business mentor

[2]     2012-present,the Chinese torch business mentor

[3]     2012-present,Tianjin City, small and medium enterprise service center entrepreneurs

Working ExperienceRelated with Profession:

[1]     2012, visitingassociate professor, Soochow University in Taiwan

[2]     2012-present,as a "foreign economic management" and "management" ofexperts

[3]     2012-present,the National Natural Science Foundation of China communications experts

[4]     2012-present,China management case international forum for International Forum.

[5]     2011-present,Reviewer, Management Review, Nankai R&D management et al

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Zhang Yuli, Yang Yongfeng, Qin Jian, Xue Hongzhi. The development of Venture Alliance frontiertheory and its empirical research. Modernization of Management, January 2014, No.1: 42-44. (Published inChinese)



[1]     YuliZhang, Jun Yang, Jintong Tang, Kevin Au, Hongzhi Xue. Prior experience and social classes: Moderatorsof the planning-performance relationship in China’s emerging economy. StrategicEntrepreneurship Journal, 2013, 7(3): 214-229.

[2]     Xue Hongzhi, Yun Dongxin,Yang Jun. Review and Prospect of the research on business model adjustment ofventure enterprises, Foreign Economy and Management, 2013, (35)11:21-28. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     FanShuo, Xue Hongzhi, YangJun. Business plans and business creation: environmental uncertainty andproduct innovation. Science of Science and Management of S.& T.,2012, 33 (3):122-129. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Hongzhi Xue. Founding team,formal structure, and new ventures performance. Journal of ManagementScience, 2011, 24(1): 1-10. (Published in Chinese)

[2]     JunYang, Hongzhi Xue, FangNiu. Prior experiences, entrepreneurial opportunity and new technology-basedventure performance. Chinese Journal of Management, 2011, 8(1):116-125. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Xue Hongzhi, Wang Rui.Entrepreneurial experience and new business performance: a study of the scienceand technology management. The Role of Science and Technology Management,2010, 31 (6): 80-84,99. (Published in Chinese)

[2]     Xue Hongzhi. Technologypatents and external resources integration of new technology enterprises, Studiesin Science of Science, 2010, 28 (1), 10-16. (Published in Chinese)

[3]     Xue Hongzhi, Yin Juelin,Zhang Yuli. The research on entrepreneurship Ethics: current status and futuretrends. Science and Technology Management Research, 2010, 28 (1), 1-9.(Published in Chinese)

[4]     Xue Hongzhi, Tian Li. Theprevious experience, commitment and new technology enterprise initial performance, R&DManagement, 2010, 21 (4), 1-9,36. (Published in Chinese)


Books and Chapters

[1]     ZhangYuli, Chen Hansong, Xue Hongzhi. Business management, Beijing: Machinery Industry Press, 2013. (DeputyEditor-in-Chief)



[1]     2014.1-2017.1,China National Science Foundation (CNSFC) funded project, Research on themechanism of new venture emergence based on entrepreneurial ideas adjustation (PI)

[2]     2009.1-2011.1,China National Science Foundation (CNSFC) funded project, Research on thesocial construction of dominant design and companies’ strategic choices (PI)

[3]     2009.1-2011.1,Ministry of Education of China funded project “New venture emergence based oninteraction between entrepreneurs and opportunities (PI)

[4]     2007.9-2011.9,China National Science Foundation (CNSFC) funded key project “Mechanism of NewVenture Creation and Growth (responsible for “Organizational Emergence inChina’s Context”). (PI)


Undergraduate:General Management; Organization Behavior

Master:Corporate Entrepreneurship(MA), Innovation Management(MBA),

EntrepreneurialManagement (MBA), Entrepreneurship and Business Growth (MBA)