Business Administration

Jingang XING
Associate Professor
Business Administration
Tel: 23501221
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Research Areas



1999.9-2003.6,Master of Management, The Business School, Nankai University

1981.9-1985.6,Bachelor of Science, The department of mathematics,


Professional Experience

2013.8,Participator in MBA case training, Lanzhou University

2011.12-Present,AssociateProfessor in Management, School of Business,


2006.7-2006.8,Visiting Scholar in University of Regina

1985.7-1995.12,Professor in Tianjin Foreign Trade Institute


[1]     2012, TheBusiness School, Nankai University, MBA Teaching Excellence Award

Social Service

[1]     2012.9-2014.12,Consultant of statistic works in Tianjin Dachi Technology Development co., LTD

[2]     2012.9-2014.12,Engage in data collection, data analysis and marketing research in TianjinTiangao International Economy Development Corporation



[1]     2013.6,Attended to the Entrepreneurship Research Which Under the Background of:Progress in both Theory and Practice, Nankai University


[1]     Xing J. The Research ofDeveloping Economic Management Operational Research Courses Based onInformation Technology Platform. TheSecond Session of the Chinese Economic Management Teaching Forum, Beijing,China, 2011.11.7-8.



[1]     2014-2017,Principle Investigator of National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC)funded project, The Research of Enterprises’ Strategic Transformation Path andChoices: in the Perspective of Binding Environment of Corporate Governance.(PI)

[2]     2010.1-2011.12,local government funded project, Shandong Qingzhou Oriental Eco-City Research.(PI)


[3]     2008.1-2010.12,Ministry of Education funded project, The Second Category of CharacteristicBusiness Management Construction: the Educational Reform. (PI)

[4]     2007.1-2010.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) funded project, TheResearch of the Role Cognition and Role Expectation and Service QualityManagement in Service Enterprises’ Open Production System. (PI)


Undergraduate:Linear Algebra, Calculus, Operational Research, Game Theory,


Master:Digital Models and Decision Making.