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Research Areas

Strategy Management


1984.9-1987.7,PhD in Science Management, University of Paris Dauphine

1982.9-1984.7,DEA in Science Management, University of Paris Dauphine

1978.8-1982.2,Bachelor in Math Science (Major in Math), Nankai University

Professional Experience

2006.6-2013.11,Vice president of the Institute of economic and social development, NankaiUniversity.

2000-present,as a Doctoral tutor, Nankai University

1998-present,as a Professor, Nankai University

1998.2-2006.6,Institute of economic and social development, Nankai University

1994.8-1997.10,Deputy director of international business management

1993-1998,as an Associate Professor, Nankai University

1990.12-present,Department of management, Nankai University Business School, Nankai University.

1987.9-1990.11,Tianjin Development Zone Enterprise Technology Center, project manager,business manager.


[1]     2011, NankaiUniversity, the national economic and social development strategy for theresearch project was awarded the School Award

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Cheng W, Wang Y, Gao,J., Zhang,J.A review of the theory of business model evolution. Chinese Journal of Management,2014, Vol.11, NO.3:462-468. (Publishedin Chinese)

[2]     Wang X, Wang Y. A study of thelean service model from the perspective of experience, a longitudinal casestudy. China Business and Market, 2014, Vol.8,77-84. (Published inChinese)

[3]     Zhang,J., Wang Y. New businessmodel building process analysis. Management Review, 2014, Vol..26,No.07:92-102. (Published in Chinese)



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[1]     Qin,J., Wang Y, Cui,L. Performanceresearch, breakthrough innovation in China driving resources and Multi-NationalCorporation. Journal of Management Science, 2010, No.2:28-37.(Published in Chinese)

[2]     Zhang,J., Wang Y. Review the research situation of the competitiveadvantages and its evolution and future prospects. Foreign Economy and Management, 2010,Vol.3:1-10. (Published in Chinese)


Books and Chapters

[1]     Wang Y, Liu M. Strategic management (SecondEdition). Tianjin: Nankai University press, 2013. (Editor-in-Chief)

[2]     Wang Y. Business strategy of Multi-NationalCorporation in China. Tianjin: Nankai University press, 2011. (Monograph)


[1]     2014, Tianjinordinary higher school undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reformresearch project, training mode under the background of higher educationpopularization of business administration undergraduate education talents (PI)

[2]     2014, TheResearch Institute of economic and social development, the South China Seamarine industry planning (PI)

[3]     2014,Tianjin municipal philosophy and social science research planning project, thesuper competitive perspective of enterprise independent innovation ability (PI)

[4]     2011.10-2012.7,the Sanya municipal government to host the Research Office of the project, thedevelopment strategy of a number of issues, Sanya City (PI)

[5]     2011.6-2012.6,the new industrialization road, Tianjin Binhai New Area, the newindustrialization path of the new industrialization road (PI)


Undergraduate:Strategy Management

Master:Strategic management and decision making, Strategic management

PhD:Strategic management research, methodology of management research