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Research Areas

Modern Project Management, ProjectAssessment and Evaluation,
Techno-Economic Analysis, Technology Innovation Management,
Principles of Management


Director of Master Degree Program of PM
Director of Modern Project Management Research Center

Deputy Director of MBA Cente


1996.9-1999.7, PH D in ManagementPhilosophy (Major: Comparative Management)

Business School, Nankai University

1984.9-1986.7, Master of Engineering(Major: Technical Economy)

School of Management, Jilin University

1973.9-1976.12, Bachelor of Engineering(Major: Machine Tool Design)

Xi’an University of Technology

Professional Experience

2008.8, Trainee, EMBA Teacher TrainingProgram, Harvard Business School

1998.1-1999.3, Visiting Scholar, Universityof North Carolina

1990.12-1992.3, Visiting Scholar, Universityof Leeds

1999-Present, Associate Professor,Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Nankai University

1986.8-1999.7, Teaching and Research atTianjin University of Technology in Project Management and Project Evaluation


[1]     2014, Excellent ConsultantAward, Tianjin Municipal Key Consulting Project (“Research on Situation andCountermeasure of Constructing Project-Oriented Tianjin Government toAccelerate Transforming of Development Mode”)

[2]     2013, the National Cadres OpenEducation Course (New Management for an Innovative Country), the OrganizationDepartment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

[3]     2013, Director and Constructerof National Quality Sharing Course “Project Management”, National QualityCourse Resources Center

[4]     2013, Director and Constructerof National Brand Course for International Students Studying in China “ProjectManagement”, Ministry of Education

[5]     2010, the first “China ProjectManagement Achievement Award”, China Project Item Management Association

Social Service

[1]     2013.1-Present, Chairman ofResearch Council of International Project Management Association

[2]     2013.1-Present, Deputy Directorof Project Management Research Committee, China

[3]     2010.7-Present, LegislativeConsultant of Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee

[4]     2008.5-Present, Consultant ofTianjin Municipal Government

[5]     2006.7-Present, Vice Presidentof Tianjin Technological Economics Research Association

[6]     2005.6-Present, Member ofExpert Committee of Engineering Cost Management Associations of China

[7]     2000.3-Present, Board Member ofExecutive Committee of Information System Research Association, SystemEngineering Society of China


[1]     2013-Present, Attended toAnnual Conference of International Project Management Association every year

[2]     2013-Present, Attended toResearch Conference of International Project Management Association every year

[3]     2007-Present, Attended toAnnual Conference of Project Management Research Committee China every year

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


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Booksand Chapters


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Participatein Writing

[1]     China Project ManagementDevelopment Report. China Project Management Research. Beijin: China ElectronicIndustry Publishing, 2011. (14th and 18th Chapter)

[2]     Qi A.B. Engineering Master’sEducation of Project Management Area Development Report. Hangzhou: ZhejiangUniversity Press, 2011. (6th Chapter)



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[1]     2014.5-2015.5, National SocialScience Foundation of China Funded Project Director of Tianjin MunicipalGovernment Policy-Making Consulting Key Project, Research on Tianjin Urban Land’sComprehensive Development based on Bearing Capability and SustainableDevelopment (PI)

[2]     2014, “Nankai Humanities andSocial Science Library” Publishing Project, “The Principle and Method of ModernProject Integrated Management (PI)

[3]     2013-Present, Doctoral Tutor’sProject of the Ministry of Education, Research on Principle and Method of theComprehensive Integrated Management in Innovation Project’s Target Element andConstraint Element (PI)

[4]     2012.5-2013.5, TianjinMunicipal Government Funded Key Consulting Project, Research on Situation andCountermeasure of Constructing Project-Oriented Tianjin Government toAccelerate Transforming of Development Mode (PI)

[5]     2010.12-2013.12, Humanities andSocial Science Planning Foundation of the National Ministry of EducationProject, Study on EVM’s Application Mechanism and Technical Method in ChineseMilitary Equipment Project Management (PI)

[6]     2010.9-2013.9, Tianjin Technological Development Strategy PlanningProject, Research on Technological Innovation Management System Composition andOperational Mechanism under the interaction of Venture Company and Incubator (PI)

[7]     2010.7-2013.7, StateAdministration of Safety Supervision Key Project, Empirical Research on Coal MineSafety Integrated Risk Management Maturity Model and the Method (PI)


Undergraduate:Project Management

Master:Project Management, Project Evaluation, Investment Project Management

PhD:Advanced Project Management, Advanced Project Evaluation