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Research Areas

InnovationManagement, Project Management,


1999.3-2001.6,PhD in Management Science and Engineering, Tianjin University

1996.9-1999.2,Master in Management Science and Engineering, Tianjin University

1989.9-1993.6,Bachelor in Textile Engineering, Wuhan Textile University

Further Educationand Training Experience

2012.3-2012.4,Training for teaching and research cadre of Philosophy and Social Science inCentral Party School

2006.7-2006.8,Short-term learning and training in University of Regina of Canada

Professional Experience

2004.5-Present,Professor and Doctoral Tutor in Department of Business Administration, BusinessSchool, Nankai University

2001.7-2004.4,Post doctor in Management Science and Engineering, Management School of TianjinUniversity


[1]     2014, 1st Prize of Academic Research andInvestigation Report Award, Tianjin International Trade Association

[2]     2014, Guide Master Student to obtain the OutstandingGraduates Award of Nankai University

[3]     2013, Excellent Paper Award, China International TradeAssociation 2nd Prize of Academic Research and Investigation Report Award,Tianjin International Trade Association

[4]     2013, National Excellent Resource Sharing Course"Project management" (Collective)

[5]     2013, Guide Master Student’s Graduation Thesis to obtainthe Excellent Graduation Thesis Award of Nankai University

[6]     2013, Excellent Project, China National ScienceFoundation

[7]     2012, Guide Master Student’s Graduation Thesis to obtainthe Excellent Graduation Thesis Award of Nankai University

[8]     2012, Guide Master Student to obtain the OutstandingGraduates Award of Nankai University

Social Service

WorkingExperience Related with Profession

[1]     2014, Reviewer, Tianjin Science and TechnologyCommission Key Projects.

[2]     2014, Reviewer, Doctoral thesis for Ministry ofEducation.

[3]     2013.8-Present, Member, Economic Mathematics andManagement Mathematics Branch of China Society of Optimization, OverallPlanning and Economic Mathematics.

[4]     2010-Present, News Report Reviewing Expert, ChinaNational Science Foundation.

[5]     2010-Present, Reviewer, Business ProcessManagement, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice,Chinese Journal of Management, Research and development, Journal of SystemsScience and Mathematical Sciences.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Jiao Y., Liu Y. and Hu Q.Research on the Management Environment of the Implementation of Lean StrategyBased on Project Portfolio. Journal of Management Case Studies. 2014, Vol.7. No.5:372-383. (Publishedin Chinese)

[2]     Jiao Y., Mi J. and Hu Q.Network Structure Analysis and Dynamic Evolution Research on the Internet ofThings Industry Alliance. Science & Technology Progress and Policy.2014, Vol.31. No.14:58-64. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Jiao Y., Xiong J. and LiuY. Research on the Feasible Domain of TOT Project Negotiation based on RealOptions. Project Management Technology. 2013, Vol.11. No.2:23-28.(Published in Chinese)



[1]     Jiao Y., Li K. and ChenJ. Case Study of Strategic Management Mode Based on Multi Project—the case ofthe Implementation of “High quality Steel Plates Base” Strategy in MultiProject Management of Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Journal of Management CaseStudies. 2010, Vol.3. No.5:374-385. (Published in Chinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]     Jiao Y., Shen Z. and SunJ. Research on the "Going Out" Model of Strategic Emerging Industriesin China. China International TradeAssociation Annual Meeting and International Trade Development Forum (Excellent Paper Award). Yanji, Jilin, 2014.11.27-29.

[2]     Jiao Y. 2013.Credit Risk Rating of China's Commercial Bank to SMEs Loans. International Conference of Chinese-EgyptianResearch Center, 2013.

[3]     Jiao Y., Hu Q. and YangY. A Study on the Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of China's LuxuryConsumption Outflow—Based on the Perspective of Customer Value. China International Trade Association AnnualMeeting and International Trade Development Forum (Excellent Paper Award).Beijing, China, 2014.11.8-10.

[4]     Jiao Y., Mi J. and ChengZ. Research on Open Innovation System of China's Internet of Things Industryunder the Operator Dominant Mode. The 8th Tianjin Social Sciences Academic Annual Conference (Excellent Paper Award).Tianjin, China, 2012.9.8.

[5]     Jiao Y., Li M. and Du J.Research on the Finite Difference Method of Multidimensional Option PricingBased on Logarithmic Transformation. AnnualMeeting of Economic Mathematics and Management Mathematics. Yunnan, Yunnan,2010.8.2-4.

[6]     Jiao Y., Fei H., Li M.,Du J. and Wang J. A Customized Training Model Evaluation System of HigherVocational Education. InternationalConference on Management and Service Science. Wuhan, China, 2010.8.24-26.

[7]     Jiao Y., Fei H., Yi W.,Du J. and Wang J. A MC Product Family Integration Platform of ResidentialProducts Based on Value Chain. International Conference on Management of E-commerce and E-government. Chengdu, China, 2010.10.23-24.

[8]     Jiao Y., Yi W. and FeiH. Enterprise Flexibility Research in the Context of Macro Turbulence andIndustry Competition. China BusinessManagement Case Forum. Beijing, China, 2010.11.14-15.


[1]    2012.1-2014.12,Lead Central Universities Fundamental Research Foundation funded project,Research on Design and Optimization of Mass Customization Service System in theContext of Internet of things (PI)

[2]    2011.1-2013.12, Involved in China NationalScience Foundation funded project, Research on Multi-Criteria Decision Analysisand its Knowledge Discovery Process Based on Rough Sets (Collaborator)

[3]    2009.1-2011.12,Lead Nankai University Teaching Reform project, Research on the Innovation Modeof the Students Majoring in Business Administration (PI)

[4]    2008.1-2010.12,Lead China National Science Foundation funded project, Research on EvaluationModel of Product Family Integration Platform Based on Mass CustomizationContext (PI)


Undergraduate:General Management, Operation Management, Service Management

Master:Technical Economics, Strategic Management, Technical Economics Analysis,

EngineeringEconomics (MPM, MBA), Project Management (MPM, MBA)