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Financial Management
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Research Areas

Corporate Financial Management, Logistics Finance,

Portfolio Investment and Securities Market Analysis,

Financial Report Analysis


2006, Ph.D. in Financial Management, NankaiUniversity

Professional Experience

1995.12-Present, Professor, Department of FinancialManagement, Business School of Nankai University


[1]    2012, The 2nd National MPAcc Award for Outstanding Teaching Case

[2]    2012, The 3rd National “100 Excellent Management Case” Award

[3]    2012, HonoraryTitle of Ten Most Respected Business School Professors in China

[4]    2012, ExcellentGuide Teacher of Students Extracurricular Academic Science and TechnologyInnovation and Entrepreneurship Activities in Nankai University

[5]    2012, Excellent Communist in BusinessSchool of Nankai University

[6]    2011, BestPaper Award of China Academy of Management

[7]    2010, 2nd Prize of the 6th Best Paper Award of Logistics Technology Journal

Social Service


[1]    2007-Present,International Certified Management Consultant

[2]    2006-Present,Consultant for Tianjin Government


Working ExperienceRelated with Profession

[1]    2013-Present,Beijing Shenhuaxin Co.,Ltd.

[2]    2012-Present,Independent Director in Sichuan Datong Gas Co.,Ltd.

[3]    2011-Present,Independent Director in Tianjin Zhonghuan TIG Co.,Ltd.

[4]    2010-Present,Independent Director in Tianjin Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.

[5]    2009-Present,Independent Director in Tianjin CIITY Co.,Ltd.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Li L., Guan Y. and Gu C. Study on Impact of GovernanceSupervision Mechanism on Over Investment of China’s Listed Companies: theApplicability of Agent Theory. ManagementReview. 2014, No.5:139-148.(Published in Chinese)

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Conference Presentations

[1]     Li L., Lin H. and Yuan C. Research on the Impact ofGovernment Subsidies on the Debt Financing of High-tech Enterprises[C] // 9th Academy of Management Conference.Guangzhou, 2014.11.

[2]     Li L., Zhao Q. and Yu J. Research on the Impact ofFinancing Constraints on R&D Investment in Private High-tech Enterprises[C]// 9th Academy of Management Conference.Guangzhou, 2014.11.

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[13] Li L. and Liu J. Study on SCM Model of China's PetroleumIndustry Based on Cyclic Economy Idea[C] //  InternationalLogistics Annual Meeting.2010.3.


Books and Chapters

[1]    Li L. TheStudy on the Impact on Interactive Mechanism of Investment and Financing ofChinese POEs from Political Connection. Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2014.(Editor-in-Chief)

[2]    Li L. Researchon the Operation and Management of Chinese Enterprises Investment and Financingunder the Background of Financial Crisis. Tianjin: Nankai University Press, 2011.(Editor-in-Chief)

[3]    Li L. and LiuJ. Theory and Practice of CorporateInvestment and Financing in China under Circular Economy Framework. Beijing:Economic Science Press, 2010. (Editor-in-Chief)


[1]   2014.6-2015, Key Subjects of Tianjin Municipal Governmentfor Policy Consulting, Research on the Interaction Development between High-techSMEs in Tianjin and Internet Finance—Basedon the Study of How to Eliminate the Covert Barriers (PI)

[2]   2014.1-2015, Humanities and Social SciencesResearch Project of Ministry of Education, Research on the Impact of PolicyDrivers on the Interaction Mechanism between Investment and Financing ofChinese Private Enterprise: Barriers to Entry and Financing Constraints (PI)

[3]   2013.1-2014, Key Subjects of Tianjin Municipal Governmentfor Policy Consulting, Research on the Interaction Mechanism between the Developmentof Medium and Small Science and Technology Based Enterprises in Tianjin andModern Finance Industry(PI)

[4]   2013-2016, The National Science Foundation ofChina, Research on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, theAcquisition of Political Resource and the Financing Behavior of High-techEnterprise (PI)

[5]   2010.1-2013.12, Tianjin Municipal Science andTechnology Commission Project, Construction of Innovation System andInteractive Mechanism of Investment and Financing of State-owned Groups—Based on the Research on EightState-owned Groups (PI)

[6]   2010.1-2011.12, Key Subjects of Tianjin MunicipalGovernment for Policy Consulting, Interactive Mechanism between the FinancialService Industry and the Manufacture Industry in Tianjin under the Backgroundof Industrial Adjustment(PI)

[7]   2009.1-2011.12, The National Soft Science ResearchProgram, Cost Management of Chinese Petroleum Supply Chain Based on the ERPSystem (PI)

[8]   2008.1-2011.12, Humanities and Social SciencesResearch Project of Ministry of Education, Interactive Mechanism betweenInvestment and Financing of Chinese Enterprises under the Framework of CircularEconomy (PI)

[9]   2008.1-2011.12, Tianjin Innovation Fund Project, Suggestionon the Interactive Development Between Financial Service Industry andManufacture Industry(PI)


Undergraduate: Training and Research on Innovation,Financial Statement Analysis,  

                        EnterpriseFinancial Diagnosis

Master: Corporate Finance, Financial StatementAnalysis, Financial Management

PhD: Corporate Finance, Literature Reading