Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management
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Research Areas

HumanResource Development, Industrial Relations
Social Security


1998.9-2001.6,PhD in Economics (Major: Political Economy)


1987.9-1990.7,Master of Pedagogy (Major: Education Management)

HarbinNormal University

1983.9-1987.7,Bachelor of Pedagogy in Harbin Normal University

Professional Experience

2003.6-Present,Teacher in School of Business, Nankai University

2001.7-2003.6,Postdoctoral of Management Science & Engineering in


1995.11-2001.7,Teacher in School of Education Science, Tianjin Normal University

1990.8-1995.11,Teacher in Harbin Cadre Institute of Economic Management


[1]     2013,Nankai University, The second prize of Practice-Oriented Nankai MBA Talents’ CultivationMode project.

[2]     2013, “TheExploration of Human Resource Management Talents’ Open Cultivation Mode”, thefirst prize of Nankai University Teaching Award, (Group Award)

[3]     2012, Awardfor Excellent Paper of Labor Relation Branch, China Human Resource DevelopmentSeminar, “The Lack of Public Policy and its’ Significance in the Process ofAmerican Industrial Relations’ Transition”

[4]     2010,the second prize for Excellent Paper of Labor Relation Branch (2008-2009 AnnualConference), China Human Resource Development Seminar, “The Comparative Analysisof Labor Relations’ Transition between China and America”

Social Service


[1]     2014,Vice Director, Labor Relation and Human Resource Management Research CenterVice Director, Nankai University

[2]     2012,Member of standing council of Labor Relation Branch, China Human ResourceDevelopment Academy


Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


[1]     Zhang L. The Comparative Analysis of Labor Relations’ Transitionbetween China and America. Human Resources Development of China.2010, No. 4:71-74. (Published in Chinese)

[2]     Wang X., ZhangL. The Neoinstitutional Environment Analysis of the Multi-employment ofEnterprise. Northern Forum. 2010, No. 4:131-135. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Zhang L. The Problems Faced by Chinese Labor Relations inthe New Era, Labor Relations’ Transition Ways in Future and the choices ofPublic Policy. Worker Daily. 2011-4-26(6). (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Zhang L., Wang X. Analysis on Change and Transition ofLabor Relations’ Power Structure. InternationalSymposium on Labor Relations’ Collective Transition and Collective Labor Disputes’Dealing, Beijing, China, 2013.11.14.

[2]     Zhang L. The Lack of Public Policy and its’ Significancein the Process of American Industrial Relations’ Transition. China Human ResourcesDevelopment Research Association, Labor Relations Branch, The 4th Annual Conference and Symposium, Yantai, Shandong, China, 2011.10.15.


[1]     2013.9-Present, 2013 Annual Ministry of Education of Humanitiesand Social Science Research Planning funded project, Research on Labor Relations’ Transition in Enterprisesand Democratic Management in the Dual Lack of Labor Rights and Flexibility (PI)

[2]     2011.8-2014.12,2011 Annual Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science ResearchPlanning funded project, Industrial Peace and Multilevel Collective Labor RelationsInnovation System: to Drive Chinese Labor Relations’ Transition with IndustrialHuman Resources Development (Collaborator)



Undergraduate:Labor Economics, Human Resource Development,

HumanResource Management,

Organizationand Personnel's Quality Evaluation, Social Security

Master:Human Resource Development,

HumanResource Management (MBA, EMBA)

PhD:Monographic Study on Human Resource Development