Human Resource Management

Jianyou WANG
Associate Professor
Human Resource Management
Tel: 022-23504559
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Research Areas

OrganizationalTheory,Human Resource Management,

Knowledge Governance,Psychological Ownership, Leadership


2000.9-2007.6,PhD in Management, Business School, Nankai University

1996.6-1999.6,Master of Business Management, Business School, Nankai University

1987.9-1991.7,Bachelor of Economics, Nankai University

Professional Experience

2014.11-2014.10,Visiting Scholar, Labovitz School of Business and Economics, University ofMinnesota Duluth

2003.9-2005.1,Visiting Scholar, Keio University, Japan

1999.3-Present,Teacher, Human Resource Management Department of Nankai University

1993.11-1999.3,High-tech Development Co.Ltd

1991.7-1993.11,Finance Department


[1]    2013.5,First Award of Teaching Production “Exploration on the Open Development Mode ofHuman Resource Manager”

[2]    2013.5,Second Award of Teaching Production “Practice-Oriented Development Mode ofNankai MBA”

Social Service

Working ExperienceRelated with Profession

[1]    2015-Present,Ad Hoc Reviewer, Nankai Business Review International

[2]    2012-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Journal of Tianjin University of Commerce

[3]    2011-Present,External Reviewer, The National Natural Science Foundation of China

[4]    2009-2010,Assistant of Ministry, Organizational Department of Work Committee in BinhaiNew Area, Tianjin

[5]    2008-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Chinese Journal of Management

[6]    2005-Present,Council Member, China Human Resource Development Association

[7]    2002-Present,Consultant on Human Resource Development, Heping District, Tianjin

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

[1]    YangF.Q., Wang J. Y, Wang L. Psychological Ownership Discussion--Based onthe Evaluation of a Good Theory. Human Resource Development of China.2010,No.12,13-15. (Published in Chinese)


Books and Chapters

[1]    Li X.,Meng F., Wang J. Super OrganizationHuman Resource Management Research: Mechanism, Models and Applications. Taiyuan:Shanxi People’s Publishing House, 2011


[1]    2015.1-2018.12,The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on ChineseLabor-Management Cooperation Mechanism, Models and Application (PI)

[2]    2013.5-2016.5,Project of Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences set by the Ministryof Education, Research on Transformation of Enterprise Labor Relations andDemocratic Management When lacking the Flexibility and Laborer Rights,Principle Investigator (PI)

[3]    2013, Projectof Key Research Base of Social Science Set by Tianjin Government, HumanResource Management Innovation from Value Creation to Happiness Creation (PI)

[4]    NankaiUniversity Asia Research Center Project, Research on Binhai New Area’sAttraction and Gathering High-end Talents (PI)


Undergraduate:Recruitment and Selection, Career Management,

PerformanceManagement, Leadership.

Master:Human Resource Management in International Business,

OrganizationalTheory, Organizational Behavior (MBA),

HumanResource Management (MBA),

OrganizationalTheory and Design (MBA),

EmployeePerformance Evaluation and Incentive (MPAcc)

MNCs'Human Resource Management in China (GMEP)

PhD:Specialty English, Topic Research on Organizational Theory