Human Resource Management

Junzhen LIU
Associate Professor
Human Resource Management
Tel: 022-23500539(O); 13820918888
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Research Areas

HumanResource Management: systemic view,

ExpatriateAdaptation and Cross cultural Management,

EmploymentRelation Management,

PositionManagement System in Organization


2001.9-2007.9,PhD in Management (Major: Business Administration)

BusinessSchool, Nankai University

1996.9-1999.3,Master of Management (Major: Business Management)

BusinessSchool, Nankai University

1988.9-1992.7,Bachelor of Engineering (Major: Electrical Control and Automation)

TianjinUniversity of Science & Technology

Professional Experience

1999.3-Present,Department of Human Resource Management, Business School, Nankai University

1992.6-1996.9,China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp, LTD


[1]    2014, Award for Excellent Paper of China HumanResource Development Teaching and Practice Academy, “Green Human Resource Managementin Enterprises: Systematic Framework and Strategic Choices”

[2]    2013, The first prize of Nankai University TeachingAward, (Group Award)

Social Service


[1]    2012.6, Specially Invited Professor of NationalNetwork Training Center for University Teachers, Ministry of Education

[2]    2012.10, Member of Promoting Democracy TianjinHigher Education Committee



Cross-Border HumanResources Management: Simple Induction and the Reconstruction of Enterprises’ HumanResource Management System, Chinese teaching and practice of human resourcesdevelopment Seminar of the 14th Annual Conference, 2013.8, Wujiaqu, Xinjiang,China.

Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


[1]    Liu J., Zhang Y., Liu S., 2014. Green Human ResourceManagement in Workplace:  SystematicFramework and Strategies. Human Resource Development of China.2014, No. 19:26-31. (Published in Chinese)




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[3]    Liu J., Zhao J., 2013. Organization Management is notthe Easier, the Better: Talking about the Management Procedure Complexity fromthe Perspective of Employee. PKU Business Review. 2013, No. 4:162-167.(Published in Chinese)



[1]    Liu J., 2012. Reflection and Countermeasures of PerformanceEvaluation. Enterprise Reform and Management. 2012, No. 2:51-52. (Publishedin Chinese)



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[1]    Zhang Y., LiuJ., Chang C. Cross-cultural Adaptation of Foreign Managers in Private Enterprisesand its Influence Factors. The 3rdInternational Conference on Cross-Cultural Management & the 7thCross-Strait Conference of Enterprise Management, Shanghai, China, 2013.11.

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[4]    Liu J. Cross-Border Human Resources Management: Simple Inductionand the Reconstruction of Enterprises’ Human Resource Management System. Chinese Teaching and Practice of Human ResourcesDevelopment Seminar of the 14th Annual Conference, Wujiaqu, Xinjiang,China, 2013.8.

[5]    Liu J. Some Thoughts about the positioning and redesignof the labor relations course in Universities. The 4th China Labor Relation Annual Conference, Chongqin, China, 2012.11.

[6]    Yang Q., LiuJ. Analysis on Team Members’ Choice in Job Evaluation Based on the PersonalFeature and Standard Error. Chinese Teachingand Practice of Human Resources Development Seminar of the 13th AnnualConference, Chengde, Hebei, 2012.7.

[7]    Liu J., Yang Q., Guo M. Study on Implementation of Job Evaluationin a Cigarette Company and its Key Issues. ChineseTeaching and Practice of Human Resources Development Seminar of the 13th AnnualConference, Chengde, Hebei, 2012.7.


[1]    2014.9-2014.12, Tianjin Municipal EducationCommission Kay Research Project, Strategic Study on High-level Talents Introduction,Cultivation and Use in Colleges and Universities in Tianjin (PI)

[2]    2013.11-2014.6, Human Resources and Social SecurityBureau of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Project, Analysison Enterprises’ Present situation of Labor Using in Tianjin Development Zoneand the Future Policy (PI)

[3]    2013.3-2013.12, Promoting Democracy Council Project,The Soft Environment Construction of Talents Introduction and Cultivation fromthe Perspective of Organizational Environment and Social Environment forScientific and Technological Talents’ Development (PI)

[4]    2013.3-2013.2, Promoting Democracy Council Project,The Lack and Management of Supporting System for Urbanization Construction:from the Perspective of Land-lost Farmers’ Happiness and Environment Adjustment (PI)



Undergraduate:Human Resource Management, Labor Relation Management,

JobManagement, HRM diagnosis

Master:Performance and Compensation Management,

DevelopmentalHuman Resource Management and Career



Undergraduate:Professional English of Human Resource Management

Master:Human Resource Management (for MBA)