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Human Resource Management
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Research Areas

HumanResource Management, Labor Relations,




1992.9-1999.2, PhDin Economics, YeungnamUniversity of South Korea

1988.9-1991.7,Master in World Economy, North Korea Research Institute of Yanbian University

1979.9-1983.7,Bachelor in Politics, Yanbian University

Professional Experience

1999.3-Present,Associate Professor, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Department of HumanResource Management, Business School of Nankai University

1983.8-1992.5,Assistant and Lecturer, Yanbian University


Social Service

WorkingExperience Related with Profession

[1]    2013.4-Present,Member of Teaching Guiding Committee of Business Administration Major under Ministryof Education

[2]    2010.9-Present,Vice president, China Labor Relations Research Association

[3]    2008.7-Present,Managing director, China Human Resources Development Research Association

[4]    2007.1-Present,Member of the 12th & 13th Tianjin People's PoliticalConsultative Conference

[5]    2001.7-Present,Vice President, Chinese Association of Human Resource Management Teaching andPracticing (CAHRMTP)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]    Cui X, Qu J. An Analysisof the Influence of Organizational Political Perception on the OrganizationalCitizenship Behavior—Based on Study on the Motivation of Employee ImpressionManagement in State-Owned Enterprises. Nankai Business Review. 2014, Vol.17. No.2:129-141. (Publishedin Chinese)

[2]    Cui X., Qu J, Cao X. A Reviewof Researches and an Analysis of Research Frontiers on Perceptions ofOrganizational Politics. East China Economic Management. 2014,Vol.28. No.5:1-7. (Published in Chinese)

[3]    Qu J., Cao X, CuiX. How the Perceptions of OrganizationalPolitics Influence the Job Performance of State-Owned Enterprise’s Employee: APerspective of Conservation of Resources Theory. Chinese Journal of Management.2014, Vol.11. No.6:852-860. (Published in Chinese)



[1]    Sun M, Cui X. The Cultural Traits of Organizational Justice andOrganizational Trust and Their Influence on Cohesion Formulation in ChineseEnterprises. Chinese Journal of Management. 2013, Vol.10. No.10:1462-1469. (Publishedin Chinese)

[2]    Cui X., Qu J, Zhang Y. 2013. Researches Review and PathAnalysis of Human Resource Diversification Influence. Science of Science and Management of S.& T. 2013, Vol.34.No.09:172-180. (Published in Chinese)



[1]    Zheng G, Cui X. Research Review and ResearchTrend of Human Resource Management of State Owned Enterprises Based on IdentityDiversification. Economic Management Journal. 2012, Vol.34. No.8:183-191. (Published in Chinese)

[2]    Wang Q, Cui X. Cross Cultural Research onOrganizational Justice: Methods, Current Situation and Train of Thought. Journalof Henan Normal University. 2012,Vol.39. No.4:47-50. (Published in Chinese)

[3]    Cui X., Zhang Y, Qu J.Labor Relations Climate and Employee Job Satisfaction: The Moderating Effect ofOrganizational Commitment. Nankai Business Review. 2012, Vol.15. No.2:19-30. (Publishedin Chinese)

[4]    WangQ., Hackett R. D., Cui X, Zhang Y.Cultural Differences and Applicants’ Fairness Perceptions: A test of a ChineseCulture-based Model. Chinese Management Studies. 2012, 2:350-368.

[5]         Cui X., ZhangY, Qu J. Research on Cultural Integration of M& A Enterprises Based on DMAIC System Viewpoint. HumanResource Development of China. 2012, No.5:10-14,61. (Published in Chinese)



[1]    Cui X., Zhang Y, Wang Q.Reflection on Employment Quality of Enterprises. Human Resource Development ofChina. 2011, No.11:10-15. (Publishedin Chinese)

[2]         Cui X, Wu H.Research on Labor Relations Climate. Human Resource Development of China. 2011, No.3:5-9. (Published in Chinese)



[1]    Cui X., Wu H, Li Y. Viewon Labor-capital Conflict Trend based on Changes of Research Perspective ofLabor-capital Relations in Modern Western Countries. Human Resource Development ofChina. 2010, No.5:80-84. (Publishedin Chinese)


Booksand Chapters

[1]    Zhao al. (Translated by) Cui X, ZhangY. Competitiveness Research based on “Ser-M Model”. Tianjin: Nankai UniversityPress, 2008


Asa leading researcher in:

[1]    2013.1-2016.12,China National Science Foundation (CNSFC) funded project, Research on theEmployment Strategy of Chinese Enterprises under Employment ModeDiversification (PI)

[2]    2012.1-2014.12,Humanities and Social Science Research Plan Foundation of Ministry of Educationfunded Project, Research on Influence Path of China Human ResourceDiversification on Enterprise Effectiveness (PI)

[3]    2009.4-2009.12,Tianjin Binhai New Area funded project, Talents Demand Forecasting and Planningin Tianjin Binhai New Area (PI)

[4]    2007.1-2009.12,China National Science Foundation (CNSFC) funded project, Empirical Research onLabor Relations in Foreign-owned Enterprises in China (PI)


Undergraduate:Human Resource Management, Labor Relations,

SocialScience Research Method

Master:Econometrics Method and Application, Social Science Research Method,

OrganizationalBehavior Research, Human Resource Management,

PhD: Seminar in Labor Relations Research,

Seminarin Organizational Behavior Research