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Stephen Wenhua HOU
Human Resource Management
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Research Areas

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), E-BusinessInnovation,

Game and Decision Theory, SupplyChain Coordination


1998,PhD in Management Science & Engineering, Tianjin University
1986, Master in Operations Research & Control Theory, Huazhong NormalUniversity
1983, Bachelor in Mathematics, Hebei Normal University

Professional Experience

2004.12-Present,Professor and PhD Tutor, Department of Management Science and Engineering,Business School of Nankai University

2002.10-2002.12,Visiting Scholar, Department of Management Science, Business School, CityUniversity of Hong Kong

2001.8-2004.11,Associate Professor, Department of Information Management and InformationSystem, International Business School of Nankai University

1999.7-2001.7,Post-Doctor in Management Science & Engineering, Academy of Mathematics andSystems Science, China Academy of Sciences

1986.7-1999.6,Lecturer and Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, TianjinUniversity


[1]  2013,The 5th Nankai University Good Mentor Award

[2]  2012,Excellent Instructor Award for the national final competition of the 5th National University and College Students Internet Business InnovationApplication Competition, given by the Internet Society of China

Social Service


[1]    2014-2017,Chief Economist, Devott Industry Research Institute


Working Experience Related with Profession

[1]    2014,Member, Operations Research Society of Tianjin

[2]    2012-2014,Reviewer for Journal of Management Science, Chinese Journal of Management

[3]    2012-2013,Reviewer for China National Natural Science Foundation

[4]    2012,Member, Decision Simulation Specialized Committee of Chinese Society forManagement Modernization

[5]    2011, Reviewerfor NankaiBusiness Review, Management Review, Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice, Journal of Systems Engineering, Journal of Systems Science and MathematicalSciences, Journal of ManagementSciences in China, Chinese Journal ofManagement Science, Journal ofTianjin University, Chinese Journalof Management, Journal of SystemsScience and Complexity, SystemEngineering and Electronic, Journalof System Sciences and System Engineering

Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


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Included in proceedings

[1]    Wang H. and Hou W. The Impact of Business Process Modularity on RelationalContract in the Outsourcing of Two Business Processes[C] // The 8th International Conferenceon Service Systems and Service Management. Tianjin, China, 2011.6.25-27.

[2]    Wang H. and Hou W. The Impact of Overconfidence on Supply Chain IncentiveContract under Double-sided Moral Hazard [C] // The 3rd IEEE International Conference on InformationManagement and Engineering. Zhengzhou, China, 2011.5.21-22.

[3]    Wang H. and Hou W. A Study on the Impact of Business Process Modularity onRelational Contracts in Business Process Outsourcing[C] //The Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Systems Science,Management Science &System Dynamics. Shanghai, China, 2010.10-12.


Not included inproceedings

[1]  Ding H. and Hou W. Research on Mode Innovation ofthe Third Party Outsourcing Service Platform Based on the Value Chain--The Caseof The 3rd China Management Case-sharing International Forum. Shanghai, China, 2012.1.


Books and Chapters

[1]    Hou W. and Zheng H.Crowdsourcing Contest: A key to the Collective Wisdom. Beijing: Science Press, 2012.(Monograph)

[2]    B.Taylor  = 3 /* ROMAN III. (Adapted by)Hou W. Introduction to ManagementScience. Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2011.

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[1]    2013.1-2016.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on Strategic Governanceand Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Enterprises based on StrategicDecision Capital(Collaborator)

[2]    2011.1-2013.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China, Study on the Mechanism of OnlineInnovation Competition of Chinese Enterprises (PI)

[3]    2010.9-2011.8,Tianjin Science and Technology Development Strategy Plan project, To PromoteIndustry-university-research Cooperation: Constructing An Open Innovation NetworkPlatform for Scientific Research Institutes and Enterprises Driven by theGovernment(Collaborator)

[4]    2008.1-2012.12,key project National Natural Science Foundation  of China, Research on the EntrepreneurshipMechanism and Growth Mode of New Enterprises(Collaborator)


Undergraduate:Information Economics, E-Business Modeling,

                       Mathematical Modeling

Master:Advanced Operations Research, Game Theory & Information Economics,

            Managerial Economics, Decision Theoryand Method,

            Quantitative Approaches to DecisionMaking

PhD:System Modeling & Optimal Methods