Management Science & Engineering

Yi-Song(Lydia) ZHENG
Associate Professor
Management Science & Engineering
Tel: (+86) 022 - 2350 3897
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Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Tianjin University, 2002-2005
Dissertation: A Study on Controlling and Evaluation of Hi-tech Product Development Supervisor: Prof. Er-Shi QI
M.S. in Human Resources and Development Economics, Institute of Population and Development research, Nankai University,1994-1997
Thesis: A Study on the Labor Quality that Effects the Sustainable Development of China Economy Supervisor: Prof. Lin TAN
B.Sc. in Computer Science and Application Technology, Jilin Polytechnic University,1987-1991
Thesis: Design and Techniques of File Management System of State Grid. Supervisor: Dr. Jian-Xin JIAO

Professional Experience

- Associate Professor, Nankai University, 2007.05 - Present
- Member of the Executive Board, Industrial Engineering Institution of CMES1 1 CMES: Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society , 2007.05 - Present
- Visiting Research Fellow, Stanford University (USA), 20010.09 - 2011.10
- Visiting Research Fellow, Cambridge University and Exeter University (UK), 2006.10 - 2007.03
- Post Doctor Research,School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University,2005.03 - 2007.05
- General Secretary, Credit Guaranty of Association of ShenZhen,2006.10 - 2008.12
- Vice President , ShenZhen WDT Communications Technology Co., Ltd. 2003.08 - 2005.11
- President Assistant, Mediaview Technology Corporation. 2000.03 - 2003.07
- President Assistant, SHENZHEN SEG Co., Ltd. 1997.09 - 2000.01
- Computer Programmers Supervisor, Northeast subsidiary of (China) State Grid,1991.09 - 1994.09

Social Service

Member of the Executive Board, Industrial Engineering Institution of CMES1 1 CMES: Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society , 2007.05 - Present.

- ZHENG Yi-song (editor-in-chief, deputy editor of Books), Wang Qian et al (2009). Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering. Tsinghua University Press, in Chinese.
- ZHENG Yi-Song, WANG Qian, WANG Ling, KUANG Mo (2008). Research into the Driver’s Route Choice under Existing Real-time Traffic Information. The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Dec, Singapore,in English (Session Chair).
- WANG Cheng-Bo, ZHENG Yi-Song (2008). A Supply Chain Management Curriculum, Design and Evaluation. LRNC(Teach Learn Conference),UK, in English.
- ZHENG Yi-Song, WANG Qian, WANG Ling (2008). Study on the Modes of Communication of 3 Multi-Agent Systems.15th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Mechanical Industrial press, China, Sept., in English (Session Chair).
- ZHENG Yi-Song, Y.Sun (2007). A Methodology of Implementing Agile Manufacturing. 14th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Mechanical Industrial press, China, Dec., in English(Session Chair).
- WANG Ling, ZHENG Yi-Song (2008). Profiting from Patents in the Modern Innovation Environment: the Why, What, and How of Patent Portfolio Management. 15th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Mechanical Industrial press, China ,Sept.,in English(Session Chair).
- ZHENG Yi-Song, WANG Qian, HE Shu-guang (2009). A Study on Quality Controlling of Semiconductor Assembly Based on Principal Components Analysis. Systems Engineering, 27(1), 108-113, in Chinese.
- ZHENG Yi-Song, WANG Ling, WANG Qian(2009). Study of Hi-tech Product Development Project Planning Method Based on GERT-Case study. Industrial Engineering, accepted by No.7, in Chinese.
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- WANG Shu-Hui, LIU Yu, ZHENG Yi-Song (2005). Countermeasure Analysis of Railway Transportation Organizational Reform in China. China Academic Forum,23, in Chinese.


I have been in charge of 18 projects supported by Chinese government and by industry. Current Research Interests:
- Service-enhancement on Manufacturing
- Supply Chain Management
- Knowledge Engineering
- Project management and controlling of Hi-tech Product Development

Selected Research Projects:
- National Nature Science Foundation of China, The Research and Validation of a Service Enhanced Manufacturing Strategic Decision Model - A Methodology Based on Agile Manufacturing Implementation ,2009-2011.
- Teaching reform Project of Nankai University, The Reform and Practice of the Three-Dimensional Model of Teaching Based on Lean Thinking applied into Industrial Engineering Education in Nankai University , 2009-2010.
- National Ministry of Science and Technology Foundation(2004DGS2D018),Research on Technology Integration in Chinese Corporation, 2004.9-2007.1.
- National 863 Foundation ( 2003AA413220 ), Research in Management Theory and Methodology For the ERP Project Facing the Entire Life Cycle, 2003.8-2005.10.
- National 863 Foundation ( 2001AA411020 ), Research in the Major Models of Space Products as well as its Collaborative Management Model , 2002.7-2005.10.
- National 863 Foundation (2003AA415210), Research on Informationization Index Design and Evaluation Implementation Plan for Manufacturing Industry , 2002.9-2007.3.
- National 863 foundation(2001AA411020,Research on collaborative management model of Space Products, 2003.01-2004.05.
- National Nature Science Foundation of China(70141031),Research on Management Ability of Chinese Corporation after Entry to WTO, 2002.03-2002.12.
- Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Government, Informationization Plan for Tianjin Bonded Area, 2005.04- 2005.12 .
- Hitech Development Entrusted, Hitech Development Mid-term and Long-term Development Strategy Plan , 2004.09-2005.04 .
- Ministry of Construction Launch the Project, and Hebei Construction Group Entrusted, Research on Construction Enterprise Competition Model and Competition Strategy , 2004.09-2005.06.
- Cooperation with Chinese Standardization Research Institute, Research and the Formulation of ERP Project Implementation Overseeing Standard, 2003.09-2003.12.