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Jinglei YANG
Associate Professor
Management Science & Engineering
Tel: 022-23494565
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Research Areas

Port Economics,policy and management
Logistics Engineering


2000.9-2003.9, PhD in Transport Engineering, Shanghai MaritimeUniversity,

1997.9-2003.3,Master of Management Science and Engineering,

Hebei Universityof Technology
1993.9-1997.7, Bachelorof ChemicalEngineering, Hebei University of Technology, 

Professional Experience

2006.12-Present,Associate professor, Department of Logistics Management, 


2000.9-2006.7, PostDoctor, Logistics Research Center, College of Economic and Social Development,Nankai University


[1]     2015, Jebsen Excellent Teacher Award of Nankai University.

[2]    2015, The second prize of Nankai university undergraduate innovativescientific research projectasthe instructor.

[3]     2015, The excellent undergraduate thesis of Nankai University, as theinstructor.

[4]     2013, Jebsen Excellent Teacher Award of Nankai University

[5]     2011, Jebsen Excellent Teacher Award of Nankai University


Social Service

Working Experience Relatedwith Profession:

[1]     2015,Reviewer, Maritime Policy & Management

[2]     2015, Reviewer, GeographicEconomics

[3]     2010, BoardMember, Journal of Port Economy

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Jinglei Yang, Meifeng Luo, Abing Ji. Analyzing the spatial-temporal evolution of agateway’s hinterland: a case of Shanghai, China. Transportation Research Part E:Logistics and Transportation Review. (Forthcoming)

[2]     Jinglei Yang, Grace Wang, Kevin Li. Port Choice Strategies for Container Carriers inChina: A case study of the Bohai Bay Rim Port Cluster. International Journal of Shippingand Transport Logistics, 2016, Vol.8, No.2:129-152.



[1]     Jinglei Yang, Wu Xiaofan, Meifeng Luo. Transport Infrastructure and Container PortSystem Evolution Process: A Comparative Study of China and the U.S. in1979-2010. Regional Economy. 2014, No.2:80-85. (Published in Chinese)

[2]     Jinglei Yang, Ji Abing Li Yanmei, The comparative study on the hinterlandcompetitiveness of Tianjin Port and Shanghai Port. Port Economy. 2014,No.1:18-21. (Published inChinese)



[1]     Kevin Li, Meifeng Luo, JingleiYang. Container Port Systems in China and the U.S.: A Comparative Study. MaritimePolicy & Management.2012, Vol.39, No.5:1-18.

[2]     Jinglei Yang, Meifeng Luo, WU Xiaofan. Research on the Evolution Process of U.S.Container Port System. Regional Economy. 2012, No.2:94-100.


[1]     Jinglei Yang, Li Rui. The Experience and Implications for Constructing InternationalDry Ports. Journal of Ocean University of China (Social Sciences). 2010,No.3:40-43. (Published inChinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]     Jinglei Yang, Meifeng Luo, Bing Ji. Investigating the gateway-hinterlandrelationship: An empirical evidence from Shanghai, China. GPRA2015, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 2015.

[2]     Grace Wang, Qingcheng Zeng, Kevin Li, Jinglei Yang. Port connectivity in a logistics network: the case ofBohai Bay. 2015 SUBA-ALRT conference,2015.8.31-9.1.

[3]     Grace Wang, Kevin Li, JingleiYang. Competition, Cooperation and Dynamic Governance of Chinese PortClusters: The Perspective from Liner Shipping Companies. IAME 2014, Norfolk, USA, 2014.7.


Books and Chapters

[1]     Jinglei Yang, Jia Kaijie, Xu Shunxian, Liu Jun. Comparative Research Series onCross-strait Industry. Tianjin: Nankai University Press, 2015. (Editor-in-Chief)


[1]     2015.3-2015.12, Tianjin PortCo., Ltd., Study on the 13th Five-year Plan of Tianjin Port (Collaborator)

[2]     2015.6-2015.9, Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission, Research onthe Subsidy Policy of Tianjin for Sea-rail Intermodal (Collaborator)

[3]     2014, Tianjin Port Co., Ltd., Study on Extending the Additional Value ofSupply Chain Service in Tianjin Port (Collaborator)

[4]     2013, Tianjin Port Co., Ltd., Study on Regional Development of TianjinPort (Collaborator)

[5]     2014, Ministry Education of the People’s Republic of China, PortManagement Innovation and Trade Facilitation (Collaborator)

[6]     2014.5-2015.9, Open Research Funding of Shanghai Maritime University,Study on the Port Management Innovation of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free TradeZone (Collaborator)

[7]     2013.3-2015.10, Tianjin Port Co., Ltd., Research on the InnovativeDevelopment of Tianjin Port (Collaborator)

[8]     2011.1-2012.12, Basic Research Funding of Nankai University, Study onthe Innovation Strategy of Embedding of Port Cities into the Global IndustrialNetworks (Collaborator)

[9]     2010.1-2012.12NationalNature Science Funding Project, Research on the Coordination between PortCluster and City Cluster (PI)


Undergraduate: OperationsResearch

Master: Port and Shipping ManagementAwards