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Management Science & Engineering
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Research Areas

QualityManagement, Robust Design, Six Sigma Management


2009,Ph.D. in Management (Major: Management Science and Engineering), The School ofManagement, Tianjin University, Tianjin, P.R. China

2006,Master of Management (Major: Management Science and Engineering), The School ofManagement, Tianjin University, Tianjin, P.R. China

2004, Bachelorof Management (Major: Industrial Engineering), The School of Management,Tianjin University, Tianjin, P.R. China, 2004

Professional Experience

2015.7-Present,Teaching in Business School, Nankai University

2009.9-2015.6,Teaching in TEDA College, Nankai University

Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


[1]  HuangH., Ke H., Wang J. Improved Q ChartBased on Inverse Weighted Parameter Estimation. Journal of Systems Engineering.(forthcoming, Publishedin Chinese)



[1]  Che J., Wang J., Li K. A Monte Carlo BasedRobustness Optimization Method in New Product Design Process: A Case Study. AmericanJournal of Industrial and Business Management. 2014, Vol.4, No.7:360-369.



[1]  He Z., Wang J., Oh J., Park S. RobustOptimization for Multiple Responses Using Response Surface Methodology. AppliedStochastic Models in Business and Industry. 2010, Vol.26, No.2:157-171.

[2]  He Z., Wang J., Li Y. An Improved GeneralizedDistance Function Approach to Multiresponse Robust Parameter Design. Journalof Tianjin University. 2010, Vol.43, No.7: 644-648. (Publishedin Chinese)



[1]  Li Y., Wang J. Research on the Classificationand Constitution of Knowledge in the Manufacturing & Machining Process ofFlow Industry[C] // IEEE InternationalConference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2013: 1000-1002.

[2]  Wang J., He Z. RobustnessOptimization for Multiresponse Using Robust Distance Function[C] // IEEE International Conference on IndustrialEngineering and Engineering Management, 2011: 1052-1055.


[1]  2014.1-2016.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China, Parameter robust optimization formultiple responses in product design(PI)

[2]  2013.1-2015.12,Ministry of Education, Quality Engineering the core course construction(PI)

[3]  2012.1-2014.12,Fundamental Research Funds of the Central Universities, Research oncollaborative R&D mechanism in value chain based on robust design(PI)

[4]  2010.11-2012.10,Social Science Foundation of Nankai University for Youth Scholars, Research onCollaborative R&D System Design Based on Lean Value Chain(PI)


Undergraduate:Statistics, Quality Engineering, Financial Management,

                       Statistics and the Application ofMINITAB Software, IE Application