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Research Areas

SupplyChain Management, Logistics Management,
SustainableSupply Chain Management


2005.9-2008.12,PhD in Management (Major: Technical Economic and Management) The BusinessSchool, Nankai University

2002.9-2005.7,Master of Management (Major: Management Science and Engineering) The BusinessSchool, Nankai University

1996.9-2000.7, Bachelor of Economics, TheBusiness School, Nankai University

Professional Experience

2015.8-Present,Teaching in School of Business, Nankai University

2009.5-2015.7,Teaching in Teda College, Nankai University

2000.8-2000.12,Working in the Fujian Branch, Bank of China.


Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


[1]     Fan Qin, Jianyuan Yan,Jianhua Xiao. Time-based model of dynamic multi-objective logistics assignmentdecision for e-commerce enterprise. Statistics & Decision. 2014, Vol.22:56-56.(Published in Chinese)

[2]     YongzhenKe, Fan Qin, Weidong Min, GuilingZhang. Exposing Image Forgery by Detecting Consistency of Shadow, TheScientific World Journal. 2014, No.3:1-10.

[3]     YongzhenKe, Weidong Min, Fan Qin, JunjunShang, Image Forgery Detection Based on Semantics. International Journal of HybridInformation Technology. 2014, Vol.7, No.109-124.



[1]     YongzhenKe, Qingqing Shan, Fan Qin (CorrespondingAuthor), Weidong Min, Image Recapture Detection Using Multiple Features, InternationalJournal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering. 2013, Vol.8, No.5:71-82

[2]     JianhuaXiao, Shunxia Ren, Fan Qin, Manufacturer’sConsignment Sales Inventory Management Partner Selection in supply chain management.   Statistics & Decision. 2013,Vol.372, No.24:47-49.

[3]     JianhuaXiao, Fan Qin, Rundongm Dong.Logistics Cost Accounting of Concrete Corporation based on Activity-based Costing. ModernManagement Science. 2012, Vol.235, No19:109-111. (Published in Chinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]     Fan QinYing Zhou. Areview of sustainable supply chain management based on game theory. GSCM 20152015.3.27-29, Hangzhou,China.

[2]     Fan QinYongzhen KeJianhuaXiao. A Grammar-Based Supply Chain Process Modeling Method. InternationalConference on Control, Automation and Systems Engineering, CASE 20112011.7.30-31.

[3]     Fan QinJianhua XiaoYongzhenKe. Customer Segmentation for Logistics Service Supply Chain (LSSC)Construction. The International Conference on ComputerScience and Service System 2011, 2011.6.27-29.


Books and Chapters

[1]     Liu, B., Lee, S., Wang, al. ContemporaryLogistics in China: Transformation and Revitalization. Berlin: Springer-VerlagBerlin,2015. (Editor-in-Chief)

[2]     Liu, B., Lee, S., Wang, al. ContemporaryLogistics in China. Beijing: Beijing University Press, 2014. (Editor-in-Chief)


[1]     2016.1-2016.12,Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission funded project,Countermeasure Study of Ecological System Construction in Tianjin Nationalindependent innovation demonstration area (Collaborator)

[2]     2014.2-2014.11,National Development and Reform Commission funded project, the Enlightenment ofForeign Logistics Managerial Experience for China (Collaborator)


Undergraduate:Introduction of Logistics Management,

  Logisticsand Supply Chain Management

  LogisticsIndustry Analysis

Master:Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Research Methodology

 SupplyChain Information System