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Research Areas

 ModernLogistics and Supply Chain Management,


SystemOptimization and Decision Analysis,

ElectronicCommerce and Enterprise Informatization


Director, Department of Management Science &Engineering


1998.9-2002.7, PH.D in Engineering (Major: ControlTheory and Engineering), Department of Computer and System Science, Nankai University,Tianjin, P.R. China

1995.9-1998.7, Master of Engineering (Major: IndustrialAutomation), Department of Automation, Shandong University, Shandong, P.R.China

1991.9-1995.7, Bachelor of Engineering (Major: AppliedMathematics), Department of Applied Mathematics, Shandong University, Shandong,P.R. China

Professional Experience

2006.12-Present, Professor, Doctorial Tutor, BusinessSchool, Nankai University

2005.7-2006.12, Associate Professor, Business School,Nankai University

2003.7-2005.6, Post-Doctoral, School of Economics and Management,Tsinghua University

2001.4-2003.4, Post-Doctoral, System Engineering andEngineering Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


       [1]  2013, the Second Prize for 13rd Tianjin Social ScienceExcellent Achievement Award, Tianjin Municipal Government

[2]  2013, Best Paper Award for the 10th InternationalConference on Service System and Service Management

[3]  2011, Excellent Talent Training Planning, Ministry of Education

[4]  2011, the Third Prize for 11th Tianjin Social ScienceExcellent Achievement Award, Tianjin Municipal Government

[5]  The 11th Science and TechnologyAward for  Chinese Youth of China2010, the 11th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth of Tianjin

[6]  2010, the 10th Science and Technology Award for ChineseYouth of Tianjin

[7]  2010, the 12th Foundation Award for Young Teacher ofUniversities, Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation of China

[8]  2010, Top 10 Mentor Award, Nankai University

Social Service


[1]  2013-Present, Standing Director of Tianjin Operations ResearchAcademy

[2]  2013-Present, Standing Director of Operations Research Branch,Operations Research Society of China

[3]  2011-Present, Standing Director of Scheduling Branch, OperationsResearch Society of China

[4]  2010-Present, Academic Committee Member of Mathematical ProgrammingBranch, Operations Research Society of China

[5]  2010-Present, Council Member, System Engineering Society of China,Youth Work Committee

[6]  2010-Present, Council Member, System Engineering Society of Tianjin

[7]  2009-Present, Standing Director, Society of Management Science andEngineering of China

[8]  2009-Present, Council Member, Enterprise Informatization andE-Commerce Society of Tianjin

[9]  2008-Present, Member of Operation Management Committee, ChineseSociety for Management Modernization


Working ExperienceRelated with Profession

[1]  Editorial Board Member of Luojia Management Review

[2]  2012, Associate Editor of Nankai Business Review (International)



[1]  2013.11, Committee Member and Track Chairman of the 12th National Youth Management Science and System Science Academic Conference

[2]  2013.12, Academic Member and Committee Vice-Director of the 8th Representative Meeting, Scheduling Branch, Operation Research Society of China

[3]  2013.6, Academic Member of 10th International Conferenceon Service System and Service Management, Chairman of Supply Chain Service andFinancial Management Track

[4]  2013.5, Academic Member and Organizing Committee Chairman of RandomService and Operation Management Academic Annual Conference

[5]  2012.6, Chairman of China Supply Chain Management Track,International Conference of Operation Research and Management

[6]  2011.6, Organizing Committee Vice-Chairman of InternationalConference on Service System and Service Management

Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


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Books andChapters

[1]  Stevenson, William J., Li Y.J., Zhang J.Y. Introduction to Management Science with Spreadsheets. Beijing: ChinaRenmin University Press,2014.(Monograph)

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[1]  2014.1-2018.12, National Social Science Foundation of China, Researchon Manufacturers’ Responsibility Extension Theory and Its Application in China(PI)

[2]  2014.1-2017.12, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Researchon Supply Chain Production Halts Based on Emergency Aid and Risk Transfer(PI)

[3]  2012.1-2014.12, “Excellent Talent Planning in New Century” Projectsupported by Ministry of Education, Research on After-Sale Service Supply ChainManagement Optimization and Coordination Issues(PI)

[4]  2012.1-2014.12, Humanistic Social Science Major Project supported byMinistry of Education, Research on Supply Chain Coordination and RelationGovernance in China(PI)

[5]  2011.1-2013.12, National Natural Science Foundation of China, On theEvolution Process between Emergency Decision and High Consequence and LowProbability Events(PI)

[6]  2010.1-2012.12, National Natural Science Foundation of China, JointlyDecision on Acquisition Pricing and Manufacturing/Remanufacturing Quantities inClosed-Loop Supply Chain (PI)

[7]  2010.5-2013.4, Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation Project, On ReturnPolicy of Used Products in Closed-Loop Supply Chain(PI)


Undergraduate: Specialty English in ElectronicCommerce,

                     SpecialtyEnglish in Information Management,

                     Logisticsand Supply Chain Management,

                      ManagementSystem Engineering

Master: Enterprise Resource Management, BusinessDynamics,

           ResearchMethodology and Paper Writing,

           EnterpriseResource Planning System,

            DataDecision, MBA Topic Selection and Paper Writing (MBA),

            Procurementand Supplier Management (MEM),

            InformationResource RetrievalEnterprise ResourcePlanning SystemEnterprise Resource Planning System

PhD: Topics on Supply Chain Management