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Research Areas

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, EfficiencyEvaluation 


2000.9-2003.7, PhD in Management, Department of Management Science & Engineering, Southeast University, China 

1997.9-2000.7, Master in Forestry, Department of Forestry Management, Nanjing Forestry University, China 

Professional Experience

2012.12-Present, Professor, Business School, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

2005.12-2012.12,Associate Professor, Business School, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

2007.12-2008.12,Visiting Scholar, McGill University, Canada


[1]  2010.12,The 12th Social Science Award of Tianjin City, Tianjin, China

Social Service

[1]  Reviewerfor EuropeanJournal of Operation Research, Journal of the Operations Research Society Computers &Operations Research,  Annals &Operations Research, Computers & Industrial Engineering

Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers


[1]  HechengLi, Lei Fang. Co-evolutionaryalgorithm: an efficient approach for bilevel programming problems. EngineeringOptimization, 2014, Vol.46, No.3: 361-376.

[2]  HechengLi, Lei Fang. An EvolutionaryAlgorithm Using Duality-Base-Enumerating Scheme for Interval Linear BilevelProgramming Problems. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2014: 1-8.



[1]  Lei Fang. Optimal budgetfor system design series network DEA model. Journal of the Operations ResearchSociety. 2013, Vol.65, No.11: 1781-1787.

[2]  Lei Fang, Hecheng Li. Acomment on “solving the puzzles of structural efficiency”. European Journal of OperationResearch, 2013, Vol.230, No.2: 444-446.

[3]  Lei Fang. A generalized DEAmodel for centralized resource allocation. European Journal of Operation Research, 2013, Vol.228, No.2: 405-412.

[4]  Lei Fang, Hecheng Li, Lowerbound of cost efficiency measure in DEA with incomplete price information. Journalof Productivity Analysis, 2013, Vol.40, No.2: 219-226.

[5]  Lei Fang, Hecheng Li.Duality and efficiency computations in the cost efficiency model with priceuncertainty. Computers & Operations Research, 2013, Vol.40, No. 2:594-602.



[1]  Lei Fang, Hecheng Li. Acomment on “Cost efficiency in data envelopment analysis with datauncertainty”. European Journal of Operation Research, 2012, Vol.220, No.2:588-590.

[2]  HechengLi, Lei Fang.  An Evolutionary Algorithm for SolvingBi-level Programming Problems Using Duality Conditions. Mathematical Problems inEngineering, 2012.


[1]  2014.1-2017.12,National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on theory of the costefficiency and Malmquist-Luenberger index based on DEA and their application onbanking (PI)


Undergraduate:Electronic Commerce, Logistics and Supply Chain

Master:Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Decision Analysis