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Information Resources Management
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Government Information Management
Knowledge Management
Archival Science


2012.9-2015.6   Ph.D., Information ResourcesManagement, Renmin University, China

2008.9-2011.6   MS, Information Science,Soochow University, China

2004.9-2008.6   BA, Archival Science,Soochow University, China

Professional Experience

2017.9-present  Lecturer, Department of Information Resources Management, BusinessSchool, Nankai University, China

2015.7-2017.7  Postdoctor, Department of Information Resources Management, BusinessSchool, Nankai University, China

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RefereedConference Proceedings

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[1]       2018,Basic research foundation of Nankai University: Application developmentof digital archival resources to enhance enterprise competitiveness(63182055)

[2]      2016,Foundation of Post doctor ofChina: Developing High Quality Government Data Management System for Open dataand utilization(2016M601258)

[3]      2016, Social Sciences Foundationof Tianjin: Strategy of Tianjin's information content industry oriented toindustrial transformation and upgrading(TJTQ16-002Q)


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