Information Resources Management

xiaoxin LI
Information Resources Management
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Research Areas

Library science theory
Information Communication
Information organization and users


 graduated from Beijing University majoring in library Science in January 1982

Professional Experience

Teaches  library Science in Nankai University from March1984


 First prize annual paper of China Library Association in 2006
 First prize of library Science Conference Papers of China Association for Science and Technology in 2006
Second prize of Tianjin Scientific and technological progress in 1998

1.“Universal and equal--Centuries pursuit of China public libraries”, Nankai University Press,2007.12
2.“New Document Catalog ”, Nankai University Press,2006.01
3.“Public library service system covering the whole of society: Model, technical support and program”, Beijing Library Press,2008
4.“Further Understanding of public library Social harmony mission-- under the view of Social Capital”, Library and Information,5(2008)
5.“Public library services for corporate users-- For the investigation of the Tianjin region”, Library Work and Study,11(2009)
6.“The functional design of public libraries in the new rural construction—research in County libraries lacking of Resources”, Library and Information,6(2009)



Project of the Ministry of Education: research in public library Social harmony mission under the view of Social Capital


Undergraduate coursesInformation catalogInformation CommunicationSubject Indexingoutline of Information Industry 

Graduate courses:Research Methods of Library science; Information user study; Theories and methods of information organization