Information Resources Management

Ping KE
Information Resources Management
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Research Areas

Knowledge Management; Library Management; Documentation and Bibliography Science


Chair,MLIS center


1991-1994:  Wuhan University
School of Library and Information Science
Graduate student for doctoral degree
1983-1986:   Graduate student for master degree ---(as above)
1979-1983:   undergraduate student---(as above)

Professional Experience

2002-present:  Nankai University
            Dept.of Information Resources Management
1994-2001: Zhengzhou University
Dept.of Information Resources Management
1996-1991: Zhengzhou University
Dept.of Library and Information Science


2013– “The Cultural Function of Public Library ” –the third grade award of higher education university the second human and social science research fruit literature by Ministry of Education of China

2010-- “A Questionnaire Survey of Cooperation among Library and Public Service Organizations in Public Cultural Service System” –the third grade award of  12th Tianjin social science excellence fruit

2009– “Research on Library Knowledge Management ” –the second grade award of higher education university the second human and social science research fruit literature by Ministry of Education of China
 2007- “On the Digital Bibliographic Science Facing Digital Bibliographic Control and Digital Resource Control”- excellence paper of National Fifth Bibliography Science Academic Symposium
2007-“On Construction of Best Teaching Resources about Library Science Major”- the second grade award of teaching research of Nankai University
2006- Nankai University “Best teacher”-- the first grade award
2006-“Document Economics”- the first grade award of Chinese Information Society of  Social Sciences excellence paper
2006-“On the Reading and Innovation Competence of Teens”- the first grade award of Library Society of China excellence paper
2006 – Nankai University social science research excellence fruit award
2005 – “On the Architecture of Culture of Teenagers Network Reading”- Library Society of China 2005 annual conference’s excellence paper award
2005 – Nankai University social science research excellence fruit award
2004 – “Introduction to Information Management” –the third grade award of Ninth Tianjin social science excellence fruit
2004 – “On the discuss of bibliographic control’s economic problem” - the first grade award Library Society of China excellence paper
2004 –“Chinese Library Spirit: for the Purpose of Commemorating One-hundredth Birthday of Librarianship in China ”- Library Society of China excellence paper certificate
2003 – “On library strategic knowledge management” - Library Society of China excellence paper certificate
2002 – “Document Economics” –the third grade award of  8th Tianjin social science excellence fruit
2002 – “Organization of Bibliographic information needs and service ” –the first grade award of excellent university textbooks, the ministry of education (the national award)
2002 – “Documentary Bibliography Science” –the third grade award of 1998-2001 Henan social science excellence fruit
2000 – “Study on Henan Cross-century Development Strategy in Library and Information Profession” –the third grade award of Henan practical social science excellence fruit
2000 – “The economics and economical benefit of Bibliographic control” –special grade award of Henan University and College library the second excellence fruit
2000 – “The development countermeasures of information service industry in China”(the first author) – On September 2000, the first grade award of Henan social science union academic and information center excellence paper
2000 – Zhengzhou University scientific research excellence award
1999 – “Periodical document information management system (JMIS1.0) computer application software” –the second grade award of Henan educational technological advancement; golden award of the tenth Henan invention exhibition
1999 – “Documentary Bibliography Science” –the first grade award of social science excellence fruit literature of Henan social science union
1999 –one of the top 10 excellent experts of Henan Library society
1998 – “Theoretical Study on Bibliographic Information System ” –the third grade award of higher education university the second human and social science research fruit literature by Ministry of Education of China
1998 – Zhengzhou University excellence Commie
1997 – Awarded “Henan cross-century academic and technological cultivation object” by Henan Beureu of Human Resources
1996 – Preside education project “implement the practice teaching mode of comprehensive‘knowledge, ability and diathesis fostering in library science major”, pass the identify of province and awarded the first grade award of Henan  teaching fruit
1995 – Henan excellence middle age and youth backbone teacher; the same year, Zhengzhou University Union Foundation excellence teacher award
1993 –higher education university excellence teaching fruit university award
1992 – Zhengzhou Pioneer teacher

Social Service

committee member of the archives science steering committee, Ministry of Education of China
Standing director and the director of academic committee of Library society of Tianjin

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National Social Science Foundation— funded Key project Research on Theoretical Model and Empirical method of Library Strategic Planning  under the System of Public Cultural Service(Project Number:08ATQ001).Fund period: June 2008-February2013.

The Humanity and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China Study on Innovative countrys national knowledge resources strategy” (Project Number: 06JA870005. Fund period: December  2006-November 2011.

Tianjin Social Science Foundation— funded Key project Study on learning city-oriented the management system of Tianjins library, information and archives career(Project Number: TJTQ06-003).Fund period: October 2006-April 2009.



Doctoral Student
                        “Study on the frontier of library science”
                “Mothdology of library and information science”
                “Study on knowledge science”
Graduate Student
                        “The basic theory of document science”
                “Study on knowledge management” 
Undergraduate Student
                           “Information consultation science”
                 “Documentary bibliography science” 
                 “Enterprise knowledge management”