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Zhenjia FAN
Associate Professor
Information Resources Management
Tel: 022-23507672
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Research Areas

Government Information Resource Management, Issues on Information Society, Data Governance


Deputy director of NKU Library


2011-2015, PhD, Peking University
2006-2008, MA, Nankai University
2002-2006, BA, Nankai University

Professional Experience

2020.01-,Associate Professor, Nankai University
2015.09-2019.12,Assistant Professor, Nankai University
2008.07-2011.06,R&D Manager, Neusoft Corporation


Research Awards
- First Prize of Excellent Paper in National Forum of Youth Scholars of LIA Sciences, 2019

- Best Chinese Paper Nomination of iConference 2017, 2017
- Top 100 Case Award, China Management Case-sharing Center, 2016
- Academic Award, The Informatics Doctoral Forum, Peking U., 2011
- Outstanding Social Science Achievement Award, Nankai U., 2008
- Excellent Elite Scholarship, Nankai U., 2008
- First Prize, The Library Society of China Conference, 2007
- Undergraduate Outstanding Thesis Award, Nankai U., 2006

Other Awards and Honors
-Top 10 Excellent Supervisor for Social Practice in NKU,2019

-Excellent individual in social practice of Tianjin, 2018

-Excellent indiviual in social practice of NKU, 2018
-“131” Innovative Talents Engineering of Tianjin,2018
-Excellent instructor of social practice, 2017
- Peking U. Guanghua Scholarship, 2013,2012
- Peking U. Doctoral President Scholarship, 2013,2012,2011
- Peking U. "Three-good" Student, 2012
- Nankai U. Outstanding Master's Graduate, 2008
- Nankai U. Graduate Scholarship, and "Three-good" Student, 2007
- Nankai U. Scholarship Level I, and "Three-good" Student, 2005
- Nankai U. Scholarship Level II, 2004
- The National Scholarship, Nankai U. Scholarship Level II, and Xiao Long Scholarship, 2003

Social Service

Associations & Societies:
Member of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
Member of Association for Information Science & Technology
Member of China Computer Federation
Member of Association for Computing Machinery
Member of Society for Competitive Intelligence of China

Academic Journal Reviewers:
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIS&T)
Library and Information Service,Youth Editorial Board Member
Information studies: Theory & Application

Library Development
Document,Informaiton & Knowledge
Journal of Information Resources Management
Knowledge Management Forum
Library Science Research & Work

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Monographs & Textbooks:
Information Access and Disparity of Rural-urban Migrant Workers in China, China Social Sciences Press, 2020.
Information Storage & Retrieval,(China Machine Press, 2009), Chapter "Information Retrieval Test & Evaluation" , Contributor.
Information Retrieval & Processiing,(China Machine Press, 2015),Chapter "Auto-abstraction" and Chapter "Retrieval Test & Evaluation", Contributor and Reviewer.
Information Storage & Retrieval,(China Machine Press, 2015), Chapter "Information Retrieval Test & Evaluation" , Contributor. 

Conference Presentations:
Zhenjia Fan. Librians or Managers: Core Capabilities in RDM. ASIST&ICKM Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, November 8-14, 2018
Zhenjia Fan. Context-based roles and competencies of data curators in supporting data lifecycle: Multi-case study in China, IFLA Satellite Meeting 2017 "Data Curator’s Roles and Responsibilities: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives", Warsaw, Poland, August 16 – 17, 2017
Zhenjia Fan, Xiu Zhang. Roles in Enterprise R&D Data Curation from perspective of Data Governance, iConference 2017, Wuhan, China, March 22-25, 2017


2020-, Principal investigator, National Social Sciences Fund of China, “Mechanism and Holistic Governance of Rural Residents' Information Poverty from the Perspective of Capability Approach” (20BTQ077)

2017- , Principal Investigator, National Social Sciences Foundation, "Targeted Information Service Mechanism of Ruturn-home Entrepreneurs in Poor Areas"(17CTQ007)

2020- , Principal Investigator, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, "Lifecycle Governance Mechanism for Scientific Data Open and Sharing in Context of Data Element Market Cultivation"(63202032)

2020-, Principal Investigator, Asia Research Center in Nankai University Fund, " Study on information poverty management system and system supply path in rural areas " (AS2001)

2017- , Principal Investigator, Basic research foundation of Nankai University, "Innovation-Driven Enterprise Data Governance "(63172077)

2019- , Principal Investigator, Basic research foundation of Nankai University, "Lifecycle Governance Mechanism for Scientific Data Open and Sharing "

2017- , Principal Investigator, Asia Research Center in Nankai University Fund, "Research on rural entrepreneurship information service oriented to targeted poverty alleviation" (AS1706)

2016- , Principal Investigator, Social Sciences Foundation of Tianjin, "Informational Capability of entrepreneurs in Tianjin Rural Areas"(TJTQ-001Q)

2017 , Principal Investigator, Graduate Education Case of NKU, "Data Curation of R&D Management in Neusoft"

2017 , Principal Investigator, Graduate Education Case of NKU, "Data Quality Guarantee in CNKI"

2019 , Principal Investigator, Graduate Education Case of NKU, "Information Experience of Rural entrepreneurs" 


Undergraduate: Digital Library; Information Retrieval; Human Computer Interaction; Information Security; Community Informatics (EMI)
Master: Digital Library Technoloies and Application; Community Informatics; Information Service & User Study; Laws, Regulations and Standards of IRM
MLIS: Information Service & User Study (for full-time students); Information Behavior (for part-time students)
PhD: Advances in Information Science ( Chapter: Information Science & Informatics)