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Xiaofei ZHANG
Associate Professor
Information Resources Management
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Research Areas

Online Healthcare
Health Information Behavior
Information Management
Human-computer Interaction


Sep. 2014 - Sep. 2018:Ph.D., Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Sep. 2014 - Jul. 2018:Ph.D., School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology

Aug. 2012 - Jul.2014: MS, School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology

Aug. 2008 - Jun.2012: BA, School of Management, Tianjin Normal University

Professional Experience

Feb. 2016 - Jan.2017: The University of Arizona, Arizona, U.S. (Visiting Scholar in Management Information Systems)

Nov.2018 - Dec. 2020: Assistant Professor, Business School, Nankai University
Dec. 2020 till now: Associate Professor, Business School, Nankai University


Young EliteScientists Sponsorship Program of Tianjin, 2020

Second Place of Best Paper of the annual meeting ofTianjin Chinese Information Society, 2020

First Prize of Outstanding Achievement for Humanities andSocial Science Research in Heilongjiang Universities, 2020

Third Prize of the 6th Tianjin Administration ScientificResearch Achievement, 2020

Outstanding Scholar of "Huoshui Program" of AliGroup, 2019

Best Doctoral Dissertation in Harbin Institute ofTechnology, 2019

Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing, Electronic Commerce Research andApplications, Elsevier, 2019

First Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Social Sciencesof Heilongjiang, 2018

Best Paper Award in IT and Healthcare Track and BestPaper Nominee for InternationalConference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2017

Best Paper Award, JuniorScholar Forum, CNAIS Annual Meeting, 2017

Social Service

1.    Editorial board: Information Processing and Management (IPM)

2.    Session chair: Pacific Asia Conferenceon Information Systems (PACIS 2020)

3.    Associate editor: ElectronicCommerce Research and Applications, InternationalConference on Information Systems (ICIS 2019)Pacific Asia Conference onInformation Systems (PACIS 2020-2021)

4.    Journal Reviewer: Journal of MIS (JMIS), Information and Management (I&M), Information Processing andManagement (IPM), Electronic CommerceResearch and Applications (ECRA), ElectronicMarkets (EM), IT for Development,Internet Research, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (JECR), Information Technology & People

5.    Conference Reviewer: International Conference on InformationSystems (ICIS), Pacific Asia Conferenceon Information Systems (PACIS), AmericasConference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

6.    Member: Association for Information Systems, China Association forInformation Systems

7.    Program Committee: InternationalConferences for Smart Health (2017, 2018); The 24th InternationalConference on Information Systems Development (ISD 2015)

Journal Publications

• Yulin Yang, Xuekun Zhu,Ruidi Song, Xiaofei Zhang*, Feng Guo(in press). Not Just for the Money? An Examination of the Motives behindPhysicians’ Sharing of Paid Health Information. Journal of Information Science (SSCI&SCI, IF: 2.410).

• Fanbo Meng, XiaofeiZhang*, Libo Liu, Changchang Ren (in press). Converting Readers toPatients? From Free to Paid Knowledge-Sharing in Online Health Communities. InformationProcessing & Management (SSCI&SCI,IF: 4.787).

• Chunxiao Yin, XiaofeiZhang*, 2020. Incorporating Message Format into User Evaluation ofMicroblog Information Credibility: A Nonlinear Perspective. InformationProcessing & Management.57(6): 102345 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 4.787).

• Jianwei Liu, Xiaofei Zhang, Fanbo Meng, Kee-hungLai, 2020. Deploying Gamification to Engage Physicians in an Online HealthCommunity: An Operational Paradox. InternationalJournal of Production Economics. 228: 107847 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 5.134).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Shuk Ying Ho, Kee-hung Lai, Doug Vogel(in press). Effects of Emotional Attachment on Mobile Health-Monitoring ServiceUsage: An Affect Transfer Perspective. Information& Management (SSCI&SCI, IF: 5.155).

• Feng Guo, Qingwen Bo,Tong Xun, Xiaofei Zhang*, 2020. A Paradoxical View of Speed and Qualityon Operational Outcome: An Empirical Investigation of Innovation in High-TechSmall and Medium-Sized Enterprises. InternationalJournal of Production Economics. 229: 107780 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 5.134).

• Yixuan Liu, ChangchangRen, Dingyu Shi, Kai Li, Xiaofei Zhang*,2020.  Evaluating the Social Value ofOnline Health Information for Third-Party Patients: Is Uncertainty Always Bad? Information Processing & Management. 57: 102259 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 4.787).

• Fanbo Meng, XitongGuo*, Zeyu Peng, Xiaofei Zhang, Doug Vogel, 2020. A 2020Perspective on “The Routine Use of Mobile Health Services in the Presence ofHealth Consciousness”. ElectronicCommerce Research and Applications. 40: 100931 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 3.824).

• Xitong Guo, ShuqingChen, Xiaofei Zhang, Xiaofeng Ju,Xifu Wang, 2020. Exploring Patients' Intentions for Continuous Usage of mHealthServices: Elaboration-Likelihood Perspective Study. JMIR mHealth and uHealth. 8(4): e17258 (SCI, IF: 4.313).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Feng Guo, Dongming Xu, Yongli Li, 2020. WhatMotivates Physicians to Share Free Health Information on Online HealthPlatforms? Information Processing & Management. 57: 102166 (SSCI&SCI, IF:4.787).

• Feng Guo, Bo Zou, Xiaofei Zhang*, Qingwen Bo, Kai Li,2020. Financial Slack and Firm Performance of SMMEs in China: ModeratingEffects of Government Subsidies and Market-supporting Institutions. International Journal of ProductionEconomics. 223: 107530 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 5.134).

• Chunxiao Yin, Xiaofei Zhang*, LiboLiu, 2020. Reposting Negative Information on Microblogs: DoPersonality Traits Matter? Information Processing &Management. 57(1): 1-18 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 4.787).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Chunxiao Yin, Xitong Guo,Kee-hung Lai, Joseph Valacich, 2020. The Role of Decision Rationality on Users’Attitudes toward Utilitarian Mobile Service Usage. Communications ofthe AIS. 46(1): e10.

• Yan Li, Xiaofei Zhang*, Xitong Guo,Liuan Wang (in press), Underlying Emotional Mechanisms of Routine M-HealthUse in Chronically Ill Patients. IEEE Transactions on EngineeringManagement (SSCI&SCI, IF: 2.784).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Kee-hung Lai, YiWu, 2019. How does Interactional Unfairness Matter for Patient-DoctorRelationship Quality in Online Health Consultation? The Contingencies ofProfessional Seniority and Disease Severity. European Journal ofInformation Systems, 28(3):336-354 (AIS Top 6, SSCI&SCI, IF:2.600).

• Yefei Yang, Xiaofei Zhang*, Peter Lee,2019. Improving the Effectiveness of Online Healthcare Platforms: An EmpiricalStudy with Multi-period Patient-doctor Consultation Data. InternationalJournal of Production Economics, 207: 70-80 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 5.134).

• Hualong Yang, Xiaofei Zhang*, 2019. Investigatingthe Effect of Paid and Free Feedback on Patients’ and Physicians’ Behaviors:Panel Data Analysis. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(3):e12156 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 5.034).

• Fanbo Meng, Xitong Guo*, Zeyu Peng, XiaofeiZhang*, Doug Vogel, 2019. The Routine Use of Mobile Health Services in thePresence of Health Consciousness. Electronic Commerce Research andApplications, 35: 100847 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 3.824).

• Fanbo Meng, Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo,Xinli Zhao, Kee-hung Lai, 2019. How do Patients with Chronic Diseases MakeUsage Decisions Regarding Mobile Health Monitoring Service. Journal ofHealthcare Engineering. 2019: 1351305 (SCI, IF: 1.803).

• Liuan Wang, Tianshi Wu*, Xitong Guo,Xiaofei Zhang*, Yan Li, Weiguo Wang, 2018. Exploring mHealth MonitoringService Acceptance from a Service Characteristics Perspective. ElectronicCommerce Research and Applications, 30: 159-168 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 2.911).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Yi Wu, Kee-hungLai, Doug Vogel, 2017. Exploring the Inhibitors of Online Health Service UseIntention: A Status Quo Bias Perspective. Information & Management,54(8): 987-997 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 3.890).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Kee-hung Lai,Chunxiao Yin, Fanbo Meng, 2017. From Offline Healthcare to Online HealthcareService: The Role of Offline Healthcare Satisfaction and Habit. Journalof Electronic Commerce Research, 18(2): 138-154 (SSCI, IF: 1.667).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Kee-hung Lai, Xitong Guo,2017. Promoting China's mHealth Market: A Policy Perspective, HealthPolicy and Technology, 6(4): 383-388 (SCI, IF: 1.167).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xiaocui Han, Yuanyuan Dang,Fanbo Meng, Xitong Guo, Jiayue Lin, 2017. User Acceptance of Mobile HealthServices from Users’ Perspectives: The Role of Self-efficacy andResponse-efficacy in Technology Acceptance. Informatics for Health andSocial Care, 42(2): 194-206 (SCI, IF: 1.381).

• Xitong Guo, Xiaofei Zhang, YongqiangSun, 2016. The Privacy Personalization Paradox in mHealth Adoption of DifferentAges. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 16(2): 55-65(SSCI&SCI, IF: 1.954).

• Shanshan Guo, Xitong Guo, Xiaofei Zhang,Doug Vogel, 2016. Doctor-Patient Relationship Strength in an Online HealthcareCommunity. Information Technology for Development, 24(2):279-300(SSCI, IF: 1.333).

• Xitong Guo, Xiaocui Han, Xiaofei Zhang,Yuanyuan Dang, Chun Chen, 2015. Investigating mHealth Acceptance from aProtection Motivation Theory Perspective: Gender and Age Differences, Telemedicineand e-Health, 21(8): 661-669 (SSCI&SCI, IF: 1.791).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Kee-hung Lai,Feng Guo, Chenlei Li, 2014. Understanding Gender Differences in m-HealthAdoption: A Modified Theory of Reasoned Action Model. Telemedicine ande-Health, 20(1): 39-46 (SCI&SSCI, IF: 1.668).

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Feng Guo,Kee-hung Lai, 2014. Nonlinearities in Personalization -Privacy Paradox inmHealth Adoption: The mediating role of Perceived Usefulness andAttitude. Technology and Health Care, 22(4): 515–529 (SCI, IF:0.697).

Conference Proceedings

• Ruidi Song, Xuekun Zhu, Yulin Yang, Xiaofei Zhang, 2020. Not Just for theMoney? An Examination of the Motives behind Physicians’ Sharing of Paid HealthInformation. International Conference onDigital Health and Medical Analytics (DHA). Beijing, China, July 24-25.

• Fanbo Meng, Xitong Guo, Xiaofei Zhang, Zeyu Peng, Kee-hung Lai, 2020. Examining the Role ofTechnology Anxiety and Health Anxiety on Elderly Users' Continuance Intentionfor Mobile Health Services Use. The 53rdHawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii, US, Jan. 7-10.

• Xiaofei Zhang, Yi Wu, Joseph Valacich,Jeffrey Jenkins, Kai Li, 2019. How Online Patient-physician InteractionInfluences Patient Satisfaction. International Conference onInformation Systems (ICIS). Munich, Germany, Dec 14-18.

• Xiaofei Zhang, Joseph Valacich, JeffreyJenkins, Xitong Guo, 2018. The Influence of Buying vs. Receiving an IT-basedDevice on User Commitment. Pre-ICIS Workshop on HCI Research in MIS,San Francisco, US, Dec 13.

• Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Kee-hung Lai, YiWu, 2018. How does Interactional Unfairness Matter for Patient-DoctorRelationship Quality in Online Health Consultation? The Contingencies ofProfessional Seniority and Disease Severity. International Conferenceon Smart Health, Wuhan, China, Jul 1-3.

• Xiaofei Zhang, Wei Chen, Bin Gu, XitongGuo, 2017. The Impact of Introductory Incentives on New Users: Evidence from anOnline Health Community. International Conference on InformationSystems (ICIS), Seoul, Korea, Dec 10-13 (Best Paper Award in ITand Healthcare Track and nominated as ICIS Best Paper).

• Xiaofei Zhang, 2015. Exploring the Role ofEnjoyment and Anxiety in Affective Response to mHealth: An Empirical Studyamong Patients with Chronic Diseases. Doctoral Consortiumthe19th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), Singapore,Jul 6-9.


2021-2023, Principal investigator, Young Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program of Tianjin, “Big Data Analytics in Internet Healthcare”(TJSQNTJ-2020-12).

2020-2022,Principal investigator, Young Scientists Fund of National Natural ScienceFoundation of China (NSFC), “Research onthe Impacts of Introductory-incentive Policies on Users and Platforms of OnlineHealthcare Community” (71901127).

2019-2019,Principal investigator, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,“Exploring Users’ Affective Evaluationson mHealth Monitoring Services”.

2019-2019, Principal investigator, "HuoshuiProgram" of Ali, “Understanding theMotivators behand Physicians’ Contribution in Online Healthcare Platforms”.


ResearchMethodology in LIS (postgraduate program)
Research Methodology in Information Management (postgraduate program)
Advanced Topics in Information Science (postgraduate program)

Social DataAnalytics (postgraduate program)

Human-computerInteraction (undergraduate program)

InformationEconomics (undergraduate program)