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Yaowei ZHANG
Associate Professor
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Tel: 23509568
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Research Areas

Corporate Governance, Bank Management,Strategy Management


2006,Ph.D. in Management, NankaiUniversity

2003,Master in Political Economics, Nankai University

2000,Bachelor in Real Estate Management, Tianjin Chengjian University


Future Educationand Training Experience

2012.8.12-8.13, “2012National Corporate Governance Teaching Training and Exchange Conference for MBAColleges and Universities” held by Dongbei University of Finance and Economics,Modern Management Research Institute of Nankai University and East Asia andPacific Region Corporate Governance Project of International FinanceCorporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group

2010.12.4-12.6, “ChinaCorporate Governance Training Courses” held by Nankai University and ChinaCorporate Governance Project of International Finance Corporation (IFC) of theWorld Bank Group

Professional Experience

2009.12-Present,Associate Professor, Modern Management Research Center, Business School of NankaiUniversity

2009.5-2009.12,Lecturer, Modern Management Research Center, Business School of NankaiUniversity

2009,Postdoctor in Applied Economics, Nankai University 


[1]    2013, Ministryof Education, 2nd Prize of 6th Colleges and UniversitiesScientific Research Excellent Achievement Award (one of the members)

Social Service

[1]    2013,Reviewer of China National Natural Science Foundation

[2]    2011,Anonymous Reviewer of Nankai Business Review, ChinaSoft Science and China Economic Quarterly

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]    Zhang Y.,Chen S., Li W.Research on Relationship Between Board Informal Hierarchy and Firm Performanceand its Affecting Mechanisms. Journal of Management Science.2015, Vol.28,No.1:1-17. (Published in Chinese)



[1]    Gu L.,Liu Z., Zhang Y. Do IndependentDirectors Have Values?-An Empirical Study on Sudden Deaths of IndependentDirectors. East China Economic Management. 2014, Vol.28, No.1:97-102. (Published in Chinese)



[1]    Zhang Y.  Governance Appraisal of Aviation Cluster:From Prospective of Cluster Initiative. Chinese Journal of Management. 2012, Vol.9, No.2:244-249. (Publishedin Chinese)



[1]    Zhang Y. Rights Departureof Ultimate Controlling Shareholders, Substitution Effect and Firm Performance. Journalof Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. 2011, Vol. 25, No.3:85-90. (Publishedin Chinese)



[1]    Zhang Y. StrategicThinking of Tianjin Aviation Industry Cluster Upgrading. Economic & Trade Update. 2010, No.10:38-39. (Published inChinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]    Zhang Y., Li H. Compensation-PerformanceSensitivity of Top Management—Research Based on Corporate Governance ModeratingEffect[C] // 7th InternationalSymposium of Corporate Governance. Nankai University, Tianjin, China,2013.9.7-8.


Books and Chapters

[1]    Li W., Chen X., Yuan Q. Chinese CorporateGovernance: Road to Transition and Perfection. Beijing: China Machine Press,2013.(Participate in Writing)

[2]    Li Y., Hao C., Zhang Y. Report on Corporate Governance for China Private ListedCompanies. Beijing: China Economic Publishing House, 2012.(Participate inWriting)

[3]    Corporate Governance Evaluation ResearchGroup of Corporate Governance Research Center of Nankai University. The Research Report of CorporateGovernance Evaluation of Chinese Listed Companies for2008. Shanghai: Commercial Press, 2011.(Participate in Writing)


[1]    2014.1-2014.12, Shenzhen MunicipalGovernment entrusted project, Shenzhen SASAC-administered Enterprises CorporateGovernance Evaluation(PI)

[2]    2012.12-2014.12, Specialized Research Fundfor the Central Universities funded Project, Research on Board Governance and Risk-takingin Commercial Banks(PI)

[3]    20011.10-2013.3, Tianjin ScienceDevelopment Strategy Project funded project, Research on the Incentive Policiesof Knowledge Workers in the Scientific and Technological Small and Medium SizedEnterprises(PI)

[4]    2011.1-2013.12, Sub-project of National SocialScience Foundation of China, Research on Perfection of the State-holdingFinancial Institutions Corporate Governance(PI)

[5]    2009.10-2011.3, Tianjin ScienceDevelopment Strategy Project funded project, Strategic Research on TianjinAviation Industry Cluster Upgrading(PI)

[6]    2009.1-2011.12, National Natural ScienceFoundation of China funded project, Optimization Research about the GovernanceEfficiency, Substitution Effect, and Ultimate Controlling CorporateGovernance(PI)


Introductionto Business, Macroeconomics, Bank Management,

OrganizationTheory and Organization Design, Governance of Financial Institutions