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Desheng WU
Associate Professor
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Research Areas

Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance; Executive Compensation; Strategic Leadership;  Institutional Analysis; Internet Economics


2007, Ph.D. in Business Administration, Nankai University

2003, Master in Political Economics, Nankai University

1999, Bachelor in Industrial Design, WuhanUniversity of Technology


Further Education and Training Experience

2010.12.4-12.6, “Training Courses for ChinaCorporate Governance Trainer” held by Nankai University Corporate GovernanceResearch Center and China Corporate Governance Project (CCGP) of InternationalFinance Corporation (IFC), obtained the trainer qualification for CorporateGovernance Training Courses

Professional Experience

2009.12-Present, Associate Professor, ManagementResearch Center, Business School of Nankai University

2007.7-2009.12, Lecturer, Management ResearchCenter, Business School of Nankai University


[1]    2010, TianjinMunicipal Government, 2nd Prize of Social Science OutstandingAchievements Award

Social Service

[1]    2014.5, AnonymousReview Expert for China National Science Foundation

[2]    2014.3,Reviewer, Management Review

[3]    2010-Present, AnonymousReviewer, Journal of Systems & Management

[4]    2007-Present, AnonymousReviewer, Nankai Business Review

[5]    2006-Present, AnonymousReviewer, China Economic Quarterly




[1] Wang D., Wu D., Performance-vested EquityIncentive and Risk-taking: Evidence from China. Nankai Business Review,2016:3. (Published in Chinese)


[1] Wu D., Wang D., Earnings Management before theAnnouncement of China’s Performance-vested Equity Incentives. Audit& Economy Research, 2015, 9 (Published in Chinese).


[1]    Wu, D., Wang D., Performance-vested EquityIncentive and Earnings Quality: Evidence from China. The 7th Symposiumof International Corporate Governance, Tianjin, Corporate Governance Review, 2014, 6:2. (Published inChinese). 


[1]    Wu D., Ren X. Are Online Auction TransactionMechanisms Effective? Evidence from Panel Data in Taobao. NankaiBusiness Review.2013, Vol.16. No.1:122-137+160. (Published inChinese)


[1]    Wu D., Sun Z. Ultimate Control, State Ownershipand the Value of Cash Holdings. Journal of Shanxi University ofFinance and Economics.2011, No.11:80-86. (Published in Chinese)


[1]    Wu D., Li W. Interaction between FormalContracts and Informal Contracts under Random-matching Game. Journalof Management Sciences in China. 2010, Vol.13.No.12:76-85. (Publishedin Chinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]    Wu D., Wang D. Equity Incentive and EarningsQuality: Evidence from China[C] // The 7th Symposium ofInternational Corporate Governance. Nankai University, Tianjin, China,2013.9.7-8.


Books or Chapters

[1]    James Creelman.(Translated by)Wu D. etal. Succeeding with the Balanced Scorecard. Shanghai: Truth & Wisdom Press,2009.



[1]    2014.3-2014.5, Shenzhen Municipal Governmententrusted project, Shenzhen SASAC-administered Enterprises Corporate GovernanceEvaluation (Collaborator)

[2]    2013.12-201512, Nankai UniversityAsia Studies Center Project, ManagerialOpportunistic Behaviors in the Enforcement of Performance-vested EquityIncentive in China(PI)

[3]    2012, Nankai University Research Project, A studyon the Effectiveness of Equity Incentive in Chinese Listed Companies(PI)

[4]    2009.1-2011.12, National ScienceFoundation of China funded project, Researchon Governance Mechanism: Reputation, Third Intermediaries and ContractEnforcement(PI)

[5]    2008.11-2011.12, Tianjin Philosophy and SocialScience Research Project, Research on Reputation Mechanism inOnline Auction Market(PI)


Undergraduate: Microeconomics,Macroeconomics

Master: IntermediateMicroeconomics, Corporate Governance