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Jianbo NIU
Associate Professor
The Institute of Modern Management
Tel: 022-23500967
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Research Areas

Corporate Governance, Organization andStrategy, Marketing


Deputy Director, Management Research Center,

Secretaryof the Party Branch, Management Research Center


2002.9-2005.12,Ph.D in Management, Corporate Governance, Business School of Nankai University

1999.9-2002.7,Master of Management, Business Management, Shandong University

1995.9-1999.9,Bachelor of Economics, Economic School of Shandong University


Further Education and Training Experience

2012.7,The 12th Teaching Symposium of “Management Communication”

2011.7,The 11th Teaching Symposium of “Management Communication”

2010.7,Training of Corporate Governance Trainer, Tianjin

2009.5,Board Leadership Training Of Trainers Workshop, Beijing

Professional Experience

2008.12-Present,Associate Professor, Business School, Nankai University

2008.10-Present,Deputy Director, Management Research Center, Nankai University

2006.1-Present,Teacher, Management Research Center, Nankai University


[1]     2011,the Best Article of the 6th International Symposium on Corporate Governance

[2]     2010, Ministryof Education, Panelist of Innovation Team,

[3]     2010, Ministryof Education, the Second Prize of Excellent Achievement in the 4th National Colleges and Universities Social Science Research

[4]     2010, LiaoningProvince, the 1st Prize in Natural Science Academy Achievement of Liaoningprovince

[5]     2010, EducationCouncil of Tianjin, Excellent Instructor for the 10th Challenge Cupof Tianjin 

Social Service


[1]     2014, CorporateGovernance Trainer for the Board of Huawei Group

[2]     2014, Evaluatingthe Corporate Governance of 18 Enterprises Directly under SASAC (State-ownedAsset Supervision and Administration Commission) of Shenzhen

[3]     2013,Consultant, Ownership incentives of Xinzhongxin Group


Working ExperienceRelated with Profession

[1]     2013, Reviewerof China Corporate Governance Handbook Edited by IFC

[2]     2011, PrincipleEditor, Corporate Governance National Syllabus for MBA & EMBA

[3]     2011-Present,Reviewer of National Natural Science Foundation

[4]     2010, Designerof the Course Package of China Corporate Governance for Delegation of IFC

[5]     2010- Present,Anonymous Reviewer of Management Review

[6]     2010,Guest Member, Modern Corporate Governance and Growth Research Center, LiaoningUniversity

[7]     2009- Present,Anonymous Reviewer of Chinese Journal of Management

[8]     2005- Present,Anonymous Reviewer of Nankai Business Review



[1]     2014, the2nd National Corporate Governance Symposium

[2]     2014, theNational Natural Science Foundation Projects Seminar

[3]     2013, the7th Global Symposium of Corporate Governance

[4]     2013,National Management Cases and Qualitative Research Seminar

[5]     2011, the6th Global Symposium of Corporate Governance

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Li S.N., Niu J.B. A Review of Managerial Power Research and the Construction ofGeneral Framework. ForeignEconomics&Management.2014, No.7:3-13. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     NiuJ.B.,Wu C., Li S.N. 2013.Institutional Investor Types, Equity Characteristics andVoluntary Disclosure. ManagementReview.2013, No.3:48-59. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Li W.,Xu Y., Niu J.B., Qiu A. A survey of corporate governance: internationaltrends and China's mode. Nankai BusinessReview International.2012, Vol.3, No.1:4-31.

[2]     NiuJ.B.,Zhao J. .Information Cost, Environmental Uncertainty and Independent Directors’Premium. Nankai Business Review.2012,No.2:70-80. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     LiW.A., Qiu A.C., Niu J.B., Xu Y.K. Recent Development of CorporateGovernance: International Trends and China`s Mode. Nankai Business Review.2010, No.6:13-24+49. (Published inChinese)

[2]     NiuJ.B.,Qian X.F. the War of Control in ST FANGYUAN. Board of Director.2010, No.1:70-71. (Published in Chinese)

[3]     NiuJ.B. Improving Internal and External Governance Planning. Board of Director.2010, No.4:30. (Published in Chinese)


Booksand Chapters

[1]     Li Wei An, Niu J.B. CEO Corporate Governance (ChinaAdvanced Business Management Textbook, 2nd Edition). Beijing: Peking UniversityPress, 2014.(Monograph)

[2]     Li WeiAn, Niu J.B. Corporate Governance. HigherEducation Press, 2011. (Monograph)


[1]     2014, KunshanSpecial Fund of Basic Projects in Central Colleges and Universities, Effect of SeniorExecutives’ Power on Investment Efficiency

[2]     2012-2015,the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on CorporateGovernance Premium based on Strategic Information Disclosure

[3]     2012-2016,the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on TransnationalGovernance and Evaluation of Chinese Conglomerate(PI)

[4]     2011-2013,Research On the Effect Senior Executives Power have on Investment

[5]     2010, Researchon Growth Rule of Entrepreneurs

[6]     2009-2011,China Style Business Management Science Foundation Project, PrincipleInvestigator, Corporate Governance Premium in China Management Mode

[7]     2008-2011,Social Science Key Projects of Ministry of Education, Research on Board Structure,Mechanism and Evaluation



Undergraduate:Corporate Governance, Management Communication,

ManagementCommunication and Business Negotiation

Master:Corporate Governance (M.S.,MBA), Board Operation

PhD:Board Governance