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Research Areas

CorporateGovernance, Strategy Management,
Marketing Management, Investors Relation Management,

Corporate Marketing.


GeneralSecretary of Academy of Management in Tianjin,
DeputyDirector of Corporate Governance Research Center of Nankai University--KeyResearch Base of Humanities and Social Sciences set by the Ministry ofEducation, 

Economic Consultant Expert of TianjinGovernment


1998.9-2002.6,Ph.D. in Management, Nankai University

1985.9-1988.6,Master of Economics, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

1981.9-1985.6,Bachelor of Economics, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics


Further Education and Training Experience

2010.7,Case Study Training, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

Professional Experience

2003-Present,Professor of Management, Doctoral Supervisor of Business School of NankaiUniversity

1988-2003,Teacher, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics 


[1]     2014, ChinaNational Science Foundation Committee, Outstanding Project ClosureAward--Governance Optimization of Listed Enterprises Based on Investor RelationManagement

[2]     2014,Nankai University, First Prize in Outstanding Achievement In Education

[3]     2013, TianjinOutstanding Achievement Award in Research on Water Construction Investment andFund-raising System

[4]     2013, Firstprize in Tianjin Thirteenth Outstanding Achievements in Social Science(Paper: InstitutionalEnvironment, Local Government Intervention, Corporate Governance and Change ofFunds Raised from IPO)

Social Service

[1]     2011-Present,Economic Consultant Expert of Tianjin Government

[2]     2014-Present,Expert of Tianjin Science and Technology Committee

[3]     2013-Present,Member of Dem-League Discipline Commission for Inspection

[4]     2010-Present,General Secretary of Academy of Management in Tianjin



[1]     2010,The 6th International Symposium of Corporate Governance, Dalian

[2]     2013, The7th International Symposium of Corporate Governance, Tianjin

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Ma L.F., ShiX.F. Weigh of Board Meetings' "Form" and "Substance"-Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies. China Industrial Economics.2014,No.1:88-100.(Published in Chinese)

[2]     Ma L.F., Shen X.X., WangY.F. Investor Relations Interaction Index and Application Study of ChineseListed Companies. Forecasting. 2014, Vol.33, No.1:39-44. (Published in Chinese)

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[6]     Bian N., Ma L.F. An Overseas Literature Review on Investors Behavior Based onInvestor Relationship. Chinese Journal of Management.2013, Vol.10,No.7: 1086-1092. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     MaL.F., WangY.F., Shen X.X. Research on Governance Effects of China’s State-ownedCompanies’ Party Organization-A Perspective Based on “Insiders Control”. ChinaIndustrial Economics.2012, No.8:82-95. (Published in Chinese)

[2]     CaoC.F., Ma L.F. Official Characteristic and Change of Fund Raised ofState-owned Enterprises. Economic Science.2012, No.3:93-107. (Publishedin Chinese)

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[1]     Ma L.F., BianN., Liu L.N. Empirical Research on Investor Relations Level of Chinese ListedCompanies and its Effects on Corporate Performance. Management Review.2011,No.10:19-35. (Published in Chinese)

[2]     Ma L.F., CaoC.F. Institutional Environment, Local Government Intervention, CorporateGovernance and Change of Funds Raised from IPO. Management World.2011,No.5:127-139. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Ma L.F., GaoL., Zhang C.Q. Company Marketing Value Effect Research Based on InvestorRelations Management. Management Science.2010, No.5:62-71. (Publishedin Chinese)

[2]     Ma L.F. ZhangC.Q., Gao N. Reform and Optimization Of Corporate Governance Under theBackground of Financial Crisis. Nankai Business Review.2010, No.1:155-160.(Published in Chinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]     Ma L.F., Zhang C.Q., GaoN. Ownership Concentration, Investment Relations Management and CorporateGovernance[C] // The 6th International Symposium of CorporateGovernance. 2011.

[2]     Ma L.F., Shi X.F. ValueEffect of the Founder of Private Company Based on Authority[C] // “ChinaPractice Management” Forum. 2013.


Booksond Chapters

[1]     Ma Lianfu. Modern Market Investment and Forecast(the4th Edition). Capital University of Economics and Business Press, 2011.(Editor-in-Chief)

[2]     LiWeian. China Corporate Governance andDevelopment Report 2012. Peking University Press, 2012. (Participate in Writing,Chapter 4)


[1]     2014.1-2017.12,The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on Evaluation onTransnational Conglomerates in China(PI)

[2]     2013.7-2017.12,The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on the Effect ofInformal Communication of Board on Decision-making(PI)

[3]     2013.3-2013.12,Shanghai Stock Exchange Project, Research on the Best Practice of InvestorsRelation Management Overseas(PI)

[4]     2011.1-2013.12,Project of Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences set by theMinistry of Education, Research on The Optimization Effect of Investor Relationson Corporate Governance(PI)

[5]     2010.11-Present,Project set by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission ofthe State Council, Research on the Tendency of Foreign Corporate GovernanceDevelopment(PI)


Undergraduate:Corporate Governance, Corporate Marketing

Master:Corporate Governance (M.S., MBA), Investor Relations Management,

            Corporate Marketing (MBA), Modern CorporateGovernance(EMBA)

PhD: Research Topics on CorporateGovernance, Investor Relation Management,

    Corporate Marketing Research