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Research Areas

PrivateEnterprise Management, Corporate Governance,

CapitalOperation, Family Business, Entrepreneurial Management.


Director of Management Research Center


1998.9-2001.7,Ph.D. in Economics, Nankai Institute of Economics, Nankai University

1995.9-1998.7,Master of Economics, Nankai Institute of Economics, Nankai University

1990.9-1994.7,Bachelor of Management, Industrial Management Engineering, Zhengzhou University

Professional Experience

2004.6-Present,teacher, Nankai University

2001.12-2004.5,Postdoctor, Business School of Nankai University

Social Service


[1]     2013, Expertin Beijing Ji Xiang Group Institute

[2]     2010, SpeciallyEngaging Expert, ShangMo Development Co.Ltd.,Shenzhen.



[1]     2012, SpeciallyAdvanced Research, Institute of Private Enterprise, Peking University

[2]     2011, expert,Raising School of Global Stock Exchange, Binhai New Area, Tianjin

[3]     2011, SpeciallyEngaged Researcher, World New Economic Institute

[4]     2010, DeputyDirector, Overseas Friendship Association of Heping District, Tianjin

[5]     2009, DeputyDirector, Management Academy

[6]     2007, Director,Private Enterprise Governance Research Office, Corporate Governance ResearchCenter, Nankai University


Peer-ReviewedJournal Papers

[1]     Li Y. TheTwo Dimensions for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Economic & Trade Update.2010,No.5:36-37.(Published in Chinese)


Booksand Chapters

[1]     Li Ya. Report ofCorporate Culture in China Private Enterprise 2012. Beijing: China EconomicPress, 2003.

[2]     Li Ya, Hao Chen, ZhangYao Wei. Report of Corporate Governance of China Listed Private Enterprises2012. Beijing: China Economic Press, 2013.

[3]     Li Ya. Top Ten ChinaPrivate Enterprise Management Cases Report 2012. Beijing: China Economic Press,2013.

[4]     Wu LiDong, Li Ya. Microeconomics. Beijing:China Machine Press, 2010.



[1]     2010.7-2013.6,Project Funded by Nankai University basic research fund, Research on SMEsGovernance Risks from the Perspective of Governing Capacity(PI)



Undergraduate:Microeconomics, Corporate Governance,

Master:Private Enterprise Governance, Thematic Corporate Governance, IntermediateMicroeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics,

        Thematic Private Corporate Management (MBA),

        Managerial Economics (MBA)