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Nankai University, Tianjin, P. R. China

Directorof China Academy of Corporate Governance, Nankai University/TianjinUniversityof Finance and Economics


April 1992 – October 1996    Ph.D., Business Administration, KeioUniversity, Japan

September 1988 – April 1992  Ph.D., Economics, Nankai University, P. R.China (joint Ph.D Program, Hitotsubashi University, Japan)

September1985 – June 1988 Master, Economics, Nankai University, P. R. China

Professional Experience

NankaiUniversity, Tianjin, P. R. China

ChairProfessor of Nankai University, November 2018 -present


TianjinUniversity of Finance and Economics, Tianjin, P. R. China

President,December 2013- January 2018 

DongbeiUniversity of Finance and Economics in Dalian, Liaoning Province, P. R. China

President,September 2010- October 2013 

NankaiUniversity, Tianjin, P. R. China

Dean,China Academy of Corporate Governance of Nankai University, October 2001-present

ChiefEditor, Nankai Business Review, September 1998 –January 2018

ChiefEditor, Nankai Business Review International, February 2010 –present

Professor,Institute of Modern Management, Business School of Nankai University, November1997 -present

Dean,Business School of Nankai University, November 1997 –June 2011

Director,Institute of Modern Management, Business School of Nankai University, November1997 – December 2007

Professor,Department of Economics of Nankai University, December 1996-November 1997

Lecturer,Department of Economics of Nankai University, January 1989


  1. 2020Second Class Prize of the P. R. China Academic Social Sciences OutstandingAchievement Award rewarded by Ministry of Education of China

  2. 2019First Class Prize of Outstanding Achievement Award on Chinese Enterprisesreform and development

  3. 2019First Class Prize of Tianjin Academic Social Sciences Outstanding AchievementAward

  4. 2018 The ManagementScience Award of China Management Science Society (Academic)

  5. 2017 the NationalLibrary of Philosophy And Social Sciences Achievements

  6. 2015 Second Class Prize ofthe China Academic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award rewarded byMinistry of Education of China

  7. 2015The first (2014) SunYefang Financial Innovation Award (Outstanding Paper)

  8. 2012 Second Class Prize ofthe China Academic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award rewarded byMinistry of Education of China

  9. 2009National May Day Labor Award

  10. 2009 National Award forDistinguished Teacher

  11. 2009 Second Class Prize ofthe China Academic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award rewarded byMinistry of Education of China

  12. 2008 “Corporate Governance”course was appraised as one of National Excellent Courses in ChineseUniversities

  13. 2008 First Class Prize of TianjinAcademic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award

  14. 2007 Excellent ManagementAward

  15. 2007 Second Class Prize ofthe P. R. China Academic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award rewardedby Ministry of Education of China

  16. 2007 China MBA EducationContribution Award of CCTV

  17. 2006 First Class Prize of TianjinAcademic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award

  18. 2005 Second Class Prize ofNational Teaching Achievement Awards of China

  19. 2005 First Class Prize of TeachingAchievement Awards of Tianjin

  20. 2004 First Class Prize of TianjinAcademic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award

  21. 2003 Sun Yefang Award forEconomic Science

  22. 2002 Grand Prize of Tianjin AcademicSocial Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award

  23. 2002 First Class Prize ofthe China Academic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award rewarded byMinistry of Education of China

  24. 2001 the second Jiang YiweiExcellent Works Award of Enterprise Reform and Development Fund

  25. 2001 Young Teacher Award ofHigher Education Institutions rewarded by Ministry of Education of China

  26. 1999 Special GovernmentAllowance given by the State Council of P. R. China

  27. 1999 First Class Prize of TianjinAcademic Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award

  28. 1999 Excellent TeachingAward of Baogang Foundation

Social Service

Editor-in-Chief of ChinaEncyclopedia • Business Administration Volume

Co-President of ChineseAcademy of Management

Vice President of ChinaBusiness Management Research Association

Vice-Chairman of ChinaGroup Companies Association

Member of the Professional Qualification Recognition Committeefor External Directors of Central Enterprises

Convener of the 6th Discipline Appraisal Group (Business Administration)of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council

Vice Chairman of Business Administration Teaching andInstruction Committee, the Ministry of Education, P. R. China

Memberof the 7th National Higher Education Establishment Appraisal Committee

Member of the Management Department of the 6th Scienceand Technology Committee , the Ministry ofEducation, P. R. China

Chairman ofCCTV Financial Channel Index Expert Committee

Memberof the Expert Committee on Discipline Development and Professional Setting ofthe Ministry of Education, P.R. China

Member of the 5th National MBA Teachingand Instruction Committee, the Ministry of Education, P. R. China

Honorary Consultant of SOItmCSociety of Open Innovation: Technology, Market & Complexity

Member of Academic Advisory Committee of Frontiers ofBusiness Research in China

Member of Editorial Board of Corporate Ownership andControl Journal

Chief editor of Nankai business Review International

Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of China ManagementSciences Society

Executive vice president of Society of management scienceand Engineering Society of China(Previously Appointed)

President of Tianjin Management Association

Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of  Business Administration ,University of Macau

Special advisor, School of management, ZhejiangUniversity

VisitingProfessor, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Consultant Professor, University of International Businessand Economics

Adjunct Professor, Tongji University

Adjunct Professor, Wuhan University

Adjunct Professor, Shandong University

Adjunct Professor, Southwestern University of Finance andEconomics

Distinguished Professor, Capital University of Economics and Business

VisitingProfessor, Keio University, Japan(Previously Appointed)

Adjunct Professor , Northeastern University

Recent Publications:
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(Large EnterpriseConsulting Projects):

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  2. “Researchof Industrial and Commercial Bank of China”, Industrial and Commercial Bank ofChina, March 2011—March 2013

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