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Research Areas

Historyof Ancient Chinese Management and Management Thought,
Corporate SocialResponsibility, Family Business Management


2001-2004,PhD. in Management, Nankai University

1998-2001,Master of Management, Nankai University

1994-1998,Bachelor of Metal Material Science, Northeast University

Professional Experience

2004.12-Present,Business School of Nankai University

Social Service

[1]     2011-Present,Senior Member, Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and EconomicMathematics,

[2]     2011-Present,Member of Young Crew Management Board, Chinese Society of Optimization, OverallPlanning and Economic Mathematics

[3]     2010-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Journal of Financial Research

[4]     2010-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Systems Engineering-Theory Methodology Application

[5]     2010-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, R&D Management

[6]     2008-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Journal of Systems Engineering

[7]     2008-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Quantitative Finance

[8]     2008-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, European Journal of Operational Research

[9]     2006-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Journal of Management Sciences in China

[10]  2006-Present,Anonymous Reviewer, Systems Engineering-theory & Practice

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


[1]     Gu Z.H. TheExploration on the Entrepreneurial Environment of Intellectual in the Final ofChunqiu. Chinese Journal of Management.2014, Vol.11, No.5: 627-633. (Publishedin Chinese)

[2]     Gu Z.H. KindredRelationship of Entrepreneurial Family Firm and Agency Cost. ChineseJournal ofManagement.2014, Vol.11, No.12: 1806-1817. (Published inChinese)



[1]     GuZ.H., ZhangR. Knowledge Sharing and Investment Performance--Empirical Study fromClosed-end Fund. Chinese Journal of Management Science.2013, Vol.21:289-294.(Published in Chinese)



[1]     Gu Z.H., ZhangS.Y. Endogenous default risk in supply chain and non-linear pricing. International Journal of Production Economics(SSCI).2012,Vol.139:90-96

[2]     Han L.Y., Gu Z.H. And Ding X.P. Credit Risk under the Condition of MutativeVariance. Journal of Systems Engineering.2012, Vol.27, No.5: 633-640.(Published in Chinese)

[3]     Gu Z.H., Li H. PoliticalConnections, Government Intervention and Decision-making of Enterprise: aConceptual Mode. Chinese Journal of Management Science.2012,Vol.19:257-262. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     Gu Z.H., Meng Q.B. Disruption, Flexibility andResource Allocation. Journal of Systems & Management.2011, Vol.20, No.6:658-669.(Published in Chinese)

[2]     HaoX.C., Gu Z.H., Cheng B.H. Creditors’ Wealth Effects inMergers of Chinese Listed Companies. Chinese Economic Quarterly.2011,Vol.10, No.2: 551-570. (Published in Chinese)

[3]     Gu Z.H., Hao X.C., Zhang Y.J. Short-saleConstraint, Investors’ Behaviors and Assets Bubbles on A-stock Market. Journalof Financial Research.2011, No.2: 129-148. (Published in Chinese)



[1]     DingX.P., Gu Z.H., Han L.Y. Rare Events, Debt Evaluationand Credit Risk. Chinese Journal of Management Science.2010, Vol.18:216-221. (Published in Chinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]     Gu Z.H. ConfucianTradition and Corporate Financial Performance[C] // 2014 China Finance andAccounting Conference. Xiamen,China, 2014.

[2]     Gu Z.H. StrategicFlexibility and Corporate Philanthropy[C] // The 8th (2013)ChineseAcademy of Management Annual Meeting. Shanghai, China, 2013.

[3]     Gu Z.H. TheExploration on the Entrepreneurial Environment of Intellectual in the Final ofChunqiu[C] // The 7th (2012)Chinese Academy of Management AnnualMeeting. Tianjin, 2012.

[4]     Gu Z.H. External InvestorProtection[C] // The 9th International Symposium on Financial SystemsEngineering and Risk Management. Wuhan, 2011.

[5]     Gu Z.H., Xueqin Che. HowSocial Capital Influence the Mergers and Acquisitions--the Case Study Based onM&A of HSBC Group in Mainland of China[C] // Forum om Case--based Studyand Theoretical Construction of Chinese Enterprise. Beijing, 2010.


[1]     2014.1-2016.12,Scientific Research Funds For Universities and Colleges Directly Controlled bythe Central Government, Empirical Research on Listed Companies Donation ofChina(PI)

[2]     2013.1-2016.12,The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on Protection ofInvestors In the Context of Chinese Traditional Culture(PI)

[3]     2009.1-2012.4,The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on Investor WelfareProblems in the Imperfect Market(PI)



Master:Stock Investment



Undergraduate:Risk Management, Financial Quantitative Methods

Mater: StockInvestment, Financial Management



Undergraduate:Risk Management, Financial Quantitative Methods,

          Financial Management

Mater: StockInvestment, Financial Management, Asset Valuation



Undergraduate:Risk Management, Financial Quantitative Methods

Mater: StockInvestment, Financial Management, Asset Valuation