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Each semester, the school offers at least 10 courses conducted in English covering topics in Business, Management, Finance, and Marketing. And the courses will be taught in lectures, presentations, projects, group work and case studies and concluded with a final examination. The updated courses will be sent to your home institute in December for spring semester and in May for fall semester.

Students should finalize course selection in the first two weeks of each semester and give the selection to the Office of Teaching and Academic Affairs or Graduate Students Office of NUBS.

Exchange students must take between 3 courses/semester and a maximum of 5 courses/semester. And you must attend over 2/3 of the classes; otherwise you may not be allowed to take the final examination.

Upon completion of exchange at Nankai, a transcript will be issued during the first week of the next semester. Students are required to leave the address to Office of International Affairs (OIA) for transferring to home institutes before leaving.

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2019 Spring Courses List (undergraduate, English)

2019 Spring Courses List (graduate, Chinese)

2019 Spring Courses List (graduate, English)

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