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Lianguang CUI
Associate Professor
Business Administration
Tel: 23498009
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Research Areas

Business Model Innovation,Servitization,


2006.1-2012.1, Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University, Sweden Ph.D.

2003.8-2005.1,Göteborg University, Sweden MSc.

1998.9-2002.7,Beijing Technology and Business University, China BSc.

Professional Experience

2012.5-Present, Associate Professor, Business School, Nankai University

2006.1-2012.10,Lecturer, Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University 

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers


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Non-Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers:


[1]     Cui, L., He.,H. Integrating network resources to achieve service innovation. TsinghuaManagement Review, 2014,05:56-66. (Published in Chinese)


Conference Presentations

[1]     He, Y., Cui, L. Knowledge schema, information screening and opposing groupcognitive mechanism. Case Based andQualitative Research in Business Administration, Nanjing, China,2014.11.9-10.

[2]     Liu, Z., Cui, L., Yang, J., Li, Z. The institutional logics, legitimacymechanisms and the growth of social enterprises. Case Based and Qualitative Research in Business Administration, Nanjing,China, 2014.11.9-10.

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Books and Chapters

[1]   Cui, L. Strategizingin international third party logistics firms: In search of Practice. Jönköping:Jönköping International Business School, 2011. (Participatein Writing)


[1]     2014-2016, Nankai University Asia Researchcenter, Mechanism Study of How Managerial Information Processing InfluencesStrategic Decision Making - A Cognitive Perspective (PI)

[2]     2013-2015, Tianjin Planning Office ofPhilosophy and Social Science, Research on productive service innovationmechanism and performance (PI)

[3]     2012-2014, Fundamental Research Funds forthe Central Universities, A study of business model evolution process andmechanism (PI)


Undergraduate:International Business and Management (In English),

   Logisticsand Supply Chain Management (In English),

Master:Management (MBA, In English)

PhD:Research Methodologies in Management (In Chinese)