Program Overview

The undergraduate program of Nankai Business School is one of the most competitive undergraduate programs in Chinese business schools. We recruit about 320 high school students from across the country primarily on the basis of their performance in the National Entrance Exam; meanwhile, around 10 international students are enrolled each year.

The length of a full-time undergraduate program is 4 academic years. In the first year and a half, students study intensively in mathematics, English and other basic courses. By the end of the 2nd year, students choose a study area from the following majors:Accounting, Business Administration, Electronic Commerce, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information System and Management, International Accounting, Marketing, Library Science and Archive Science.

Majors and Learning Goals

Understand critical business and management concepts

Demonstrate the ability of applying critical thinking to business issues

Demonstrate effective oral and written communication

Have good leadership and effective teamwork skills

Understand business ethics and social responsibilities


Demonstrate knowledge and skills to solve practical problems in accounting practice

Business Administration

Demonstrate skills in solving problems in business administration practices

Electronic Commerce

Demonstrate knowledge and skills to conduct business communication and transaction over network and through computers

Financial Management

Demonstrate the capability of decision-making for financing and investment

Human Resource Management

Demonstrate competency for human resource management in employment and business management

Information System and Management

Demonstrate necessary technical and managerial skills in using modern information technologies to conduct business activities

International Accounting

Demonstrate knowledge and skills to solve practical problems in international accounting practice


Demonstrate ability and skills in solving practical issues in marketing

Library science

Demonstrate knowledge and skills in solving the issues related to information and information resource processing and management in practice

Archive science

Demonstrate knowledge and skills in solving the issues related to different types of archive management in practice

Admission for International Students

Nankai Business School welcomes international students to apply for its undergraduate programs. You are required to complete the curriculum within 4 years and fulfill the designated number of credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with a bachelor's degree.
For more information, please visit International Student Admission


International Accounting

This major aims at cultivating senior accountants and managers with solid theoretical basis and practical skills, potential for sustainable development, professional ethics and a global vision.

International Accounting is a major jointly set up by Nankai University and Certified General Accountant – Canada (CGA) in 2001. With our concerted efforts, this program has won great reputation and wide recognition. In October 2014, CGA's incorporation into Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) turned the program into one of cooperation between the school and CPA Canada. This offers a wider international platform for students majoring in International Accounting as CPA Canada is the only professional accounting group in Canada and a member of Global Accounting Alliance that has signed mutual recognition agreements with a number of countries and regions.

In 2012, International Accounting and the other major for undergraduates in the Accounting Department attained HKICPA Qualification Program certificate, which allows students to directly attend HKCPA qualification test.

English-taught Classes
In order to further the strategy of internationalization and satisfy students' needs to pursue overseas study or to work in multinational enterprises, Nankai Business School set up English-taught classes in 2013 for undergraduates majoring in Business Administration.

Each year, this program recruits 30 sophomores from Nankai Business School and about 10 overseas students. In their following four semesters, they will be taught in English the compulsory courses for Business Administration and several optional courses, with a curriculum focusing on international enterprise management. As for the teachers, the main part is composed of the school's faculty with an experience of overseas study and exchanges, and overseas teachers and foreign executives in Tianjin are also invited for teaching. Through the intensified English learning and international exchanges, this program aims at empowering students to engage in future international activities and creating a richer international atmosphere, thus enhancing the school's internationalization.

Student Exchange

Nankai Business School has set up exchanges and cooperative relationships with business schools at dozens of foreign universities, including Rice University, University of Minnesota, York University and Laval University. It provides students with a variety of overseas exchange opportunities, such as semester-long exchange programs, summer/winter schools, double degree programs and study abroad programs.

Each year, Nankai Business School accepts international exchange students from North America, Europe and East Asia, while at the same time dozens of Chinese students have been accepted to study in USA, Canada, Ireland, Finland, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

If you are interested in this program, please refer to Student Exchange Programs for more details.

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