Adjunct Faculty

Honorary Professor

Reinhard Selten    Professor at University of Bonn, 1994 Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences

James A. Mirrlees   Professor at University of Cambridge, 2006 Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences

James M. Tien      Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Miami, academician in the National Academy of Engineering   

Alan Simon Finkel   Chancellor of Monash University, Australia

Ahn Sang-soo       Former mayor of Incheon, South Korea

Faculty Advisor

Chen Yiyao         Economic Advisor for Tianjin Municipal People’s Government

Motoyuki Oka       Chairman of Sumitomo Corporation

Edward J. Zander     Former Chairman and CEO of Motorola Inc.

Adjunct Professor

Chen Jian  Lenovo Chair professor at the Department of Management Science and Engineering in the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, China

Li Chunli  Professor at Aichi University, Japan

Cheng Xiusheng  Former director-general of Information Center, Development Research Center of the State Council

Tong Daochi   Former director of the Department of International Cooperation, China Securities 

Regulatory Commission

Chen Chao  Professor at School of Management, Fudan University, China

Ren Xuefeng  Former vice mayor of Tianjin Municipality, China

Liu Jiayi   Auditor-general of National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China

Zhang Liang   President of COSCO (H.K.) Group

Zhang Huiguang  Secretary of the Party Committee, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

Feng Huiling   Vice President and Professor at Renmin University of China

Xu Xiangyi    Dean of School of Management, Shandong University, China

Guest Professor

Massimo Bergami   Dean of Alma Graduate School, University of Bologna, Italy

Zou Shaoming   Chair Professor of Marketing, University of Missouri, the USA

Justin Tan    Newmont Chair in Business Strategy at Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

Ye Gang    Professor at Tohoku University, Japan

Dar-Yeh Hwang   Director of Financial Research Center, National Taiwan University

Simon Shun-Man HO   Vice Rector of University of Macau

Jay Barney   Chair Professor in Strategic Management at University of Utah, the USA

Chen Jinghan   Professor of Finance at University of Surrey, the UK

Garry Bruton    Professor in Entrepreneurship at the Neeley School of Business, the USA

Distinguished Professor of 1000 Talents Plan in Tianjin

Chen Jinghan    Professor of Finance at University of Surrey, the UK

Zou Shaoming   Chair Professor of Marketing, University of Missouri, the USA