Students & Alumni


The student affairs in Business School, committed to students' comprehensive quality and capability, endeavors to cultivate management elite who are dedicated to public interests with capability. Student Affairs Office and Youth League Committee provides services for 2100 full-time undergraduates, graduates and doctors students about scholarship and grants, career development, social practice, career planning.

Scholarship and Financial Support

The Business School provides scholarships for students with high academic performance, grants for students from lower-income families, and honorary titles for students with active performance. At present, Business School offers about 30 kinds of scholarships and grants for than 30% of the students which includes national scholarship, grants, encouragement scholarship, enterprise donations and grants. 

Career Development and Guidance

With the aim of nurturing managers with proper career values, all-round sustainable career competence and innovation, Business School provides career planning and guidance for students with lectures, trainings, on-campus job fairs  in the vision of extend from A to Z, cover all students, professional and career-oriented. KPMG Business Case Competition, Deloitte Tax Championship and Enterprise Cultural Festival are also good way to improve students' comprehensive quality and capability. The employment rate of the school has exceeded 96% in last 9 years and ranked top 3 among the 21 colleges of Nankai University.  

Social Practice and Innovative Entrepreneurship 

Following the pattern of education through practice, Business School of Nankai University endeavors to integrate resources in and out of the university, develop platforms for practice and innovative entrepreneurship, tap the potential of students and create a good environment for practice and entrepreneurship.

Center of Student Youth Volunteer Service and Social Practice and Student Association of Technologies carry out multi-level, comprehensive activities concerning social practices, volunteer service and technological innovation and entrepreneurship. They also organize social practices over summer and winter holidays, entrepreneurship salons and lectures, and kinds of volunteer services for students. 

Campus Culture Construction

Business School of Nankai University attaches great importance to campus culture construction, creating a cultural environment featuring richness, elegance and vitality for healthy growth of its students. Every year, 30 activities including the cultural month of business, finance, art and sports, sunshine sports are held. The Business School has been the winner of the campus chorus competition of Flowers in May for 3 consecutive years and made excellent performance at the sports meeting. These colorful activities enrich students' life, leading to their overall development and healthy growth.