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Over 10,000 graduates of Nankai Business School are active in many fields both in China and abroad striving for China's economic and social development as well as global social improvement. Many of them have been recognized as effective administrative officers and excellent business leaders.

The Alumni Affairs Center of Nankai Business School, founded in January 2015, serves as a critical bridge connecting many alumni with the school. It provides a platform for domestic and overseas alumni to communicate with each other and with the alma mater, thus enhancing the cohesion of Nankai Community.

The Center is a non-profit organization guided by Nankai Alumni Association. Its aim is as follows: to unite all the alumni towards win-win cooperation based on mutual equality and respect, as well as mutual encouragement and care; to promote the Nankai motto of dedication to the public interests, acquisition of all-round capability and aspiration for daily progress and the vision of enriching the country through business; and to deliver better service for the school's alumni and current staff and students so as to facilitate their contribution to the school's development and discipline construction, thus promoting social progress.

Our Mission

Strengthen the ties between the alumni and the school, and support their common progress

Our Vision

Develop Nankai Business School as a well-respected and most popular business school that enables the alumni's sustainable growth and gains their wide support

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