• International Student from Nankai Business School Won the Second Global Youth Training Program

    Released on:2021/11/12

    On October 25, the Award Ceremony of the Second Global Youth Training Program of Cross-Border E-Commerce Talents washeld in Hangzhou. CHIN YEAN YEE, a Malaysian undergraduate from Nankai Business School, led a team towin the runner-up of the Entrepreneurship Track of the Set Sail Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition. Nankai University won the Best Organization Award.The Second Global Youth Training Program of Cross-Border E-Commerce Talents was jointly launched by China (Hangzhou) Cross-borde

  • Inaugural Conference of SIG-Information Behavior of CSSTI/2021 Annual Conference of Information Behavior Held at Nankai University

    Released on:2021/07/27

    On July 9-11, 2021, the Department of Information Resources Management in Nankai Business School hosted the inaugural conference of the special interest group (SIG) on Information Behavior of the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Information (CSSTI). The conference was co-organized by the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Information and the Research Center of Information Behavior Science at Nankai University.Themed on “Information Behavior Research under Multi-dementional Cont

  • Nankai Business School Won the Global Championship of Graduate Group in the 13th "Peak Time" Business Simulation Competition (CESIM)

    Released on:2021/06/08

    On June 6, in the 13thPeak Time business simulation competition (CESIM)global finals,the team of MBA delegation ofNankai Business School,which represented China, stood out from 18 global champions and won the global championship of graduate group. “Peak Time” is one of the largest international business simulation competitions in Europe, and has become a competition for communication and cooperation among the worlds top business school students, which has a high professional criterion in the

  • Nankai Business School Won the National Championship in IMA Case Competition

    Released on:2021/05/27

    On May 23, the10th National Campus Management Accounting Case Competition was held in Fudan University. The team of International Accounting undergraduates of Nankai Business School achieved outstandingperformance and won the national championship among the 779 participating teams from more than 100 colleges and universities across the country.

  • Nankai Business School Initiated AMBA Re-accreditation Work

    Released on:2021/04/20

    On April 20th, 2021, Nankai Business School held the AMBA International Re-accreditation Work Deployment Meeting. Dean Bai Changhong announced the establishment of the working party of AMBA Re-accreditation. Meanwhile, the AMBA International Re-accreditation Work was officially launched. The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is one of the worlds three major business education accreditation organizations and one of the worlds most authoritative management education accreditation systems.

  • Congratulations! Young Scholar Published Research Achievements on Management Science(UTD-24)

    Released on:2021/02/22

    Wang Zhongbin, an faculty Postdoctoral from NKBS published the latest research achievement A Model of Queue Scalpingon Management Science(UTD-24). The Paper was also nominated for the Finalist of the 2018 INFORMS Service Science Section Best Cluster Paper by the Institute for Operations Research and Management Research (INFORMS)Award) and Honorable Mention of the 2019 INFORMS Junior Faculty Interest Group.

  • Congratulations! Associate Professor Zhou Nan Published Research Achievements on Strategic Management Journal and Journal of International Business Studies

    Released on:2020/10/27

    Becoming bigger or stronger first is the problem that many enterprises must face. Emerging markets offer many growth opportunities; consequently, enterprises often fall into the trap of blindly pursuing these opportunities without regard to the internal management capabilities. Zhou Nan, an Associate Professor from NKBS, studied this topic, andpublished the latest research achievementGrowth or Profit? Strategic Orientations and Long-Term Performance in Chinain the Strategic Management Journal

  • Professor Bai Changhong Awarded the Title of “2020 Chinese Top 10 Most Respected Deans of Business School”, Professor Han Dechang “2020 Chinese Top 10 Most Respected Professors of Business School”

    Released on:2020/10/26

    The list of “2020 Chinese Top 10 Most Respected Deans of Business School” and “2020 Chinese Top 10 Most Respected Professors of Business School” co-compiled by ICEO.COM and Presidentwas released in Shanghai, in which Professor Bai Changhong from NKBS was awarded the title of “2020 Chinese Top 10 Most Respected Deans of Business School”, and Professor Han Dechang from Nankai University Business School awarded the title of “2020 Chinese Top 10 Most Respected Professors of Business School”.

  • Inaugural Opening Ceremony of 2020 Nankai University-NEOMA Business School, a Sino-French Undergraduate double-degree Program Held at Nankai Business School

    Released on:2020/10/06

    September 18, 2020, the Inaugural Opening Ceremony of 2020 Sino-France Undergraduate double-degree joint Program was held at Nankai University’s Business School. Nankai’s leadership, who participated at the ceremony, includes Nankai University’s Vice President Lei Wang, Director of Office of International Academic Exchanges Yuelin Li. Leadership of the NEOMA Business School also attended the ceremony via online meeting, including NEOMA’s Dean Prof Delphine Manceau, Associate Dean Prof Céline Da

  • NKBS Approved 7 NSFC Projects in 2020

    Released on:2020/09/21

    According to the review results of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects in 2020, 7 projects applied by NKBS are approved, with a total approved funding of RMB2.4 million. NKBS ranks the first among all schools of liberal arts in terms of the number of funded projects and the amount of funding. There are 4 Youth Science Foundation projects applied by Wang Zhongbin, Li Quan, Xu Fangchao and Wang Linlin respectively, and 3 general projects applied by Professor Yao Yi, Ass

  • 2020 GDI Discipline List: Our Business Administration Ranks 6th

    Released on:2020/06/30

    On June 15, Guangzhou Daily Institute of Data Digitization (GDI Think Tank ) released “GDI University First-Class Discipline Ranking List (2020) (hereinafter referred to as “2020 Discipline List”), which scientifically evaluates 90 disciplines of 516 universities through four first-level indicators, of scientific research index, talent cultivation index, discipline reputation index and secondary evaluation index. Our business administration discipline ranks the 6th in “2020 Discipline List”

  • 4 Scholars from NKBS Nominated to the Rank List of “Most Influential Scholars in Chinese Philosophy and Social Sciences”

    Released on:2020/06/15

    Research Center for Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Evaluation released Research Report for the Rank List of Most Influential Scholars in Chinese Philosophy and Social Sciences: An Evaluation Based on Chinese Academic Achievements (Ver. 2020)and the rank lists of the most influential scholars in different disciplines. Professors Zhang Yuli, Zhang Jixun, Wang Fang and Mei Dan from NKBS were nominated. The data for the rank list of the most influential scholars in Chinese philosophy and

  • Experts of NKBS Voiced to Take Actions During the Pandemic

    Released on:2020/02/29

    In the face of COVID-19, experts and scholars of NKBS proactively suggested how to refine governance mechanisms and improve management capability in the past consecutive days. Following that, they spoke out preventing measures. “Outbreak of the pandemic poses an arduous test on whether the modern governance system and capability were well established. Confronted with the virus, it means a lot to straighten out the emergency governance system activated to respond to major public health incide