Spatial Networks and Urban Development

Date:  June5th, Monday,  2017

Start Time:  14:30

Venue:  Room B1003, Business  School Building

Speaker:  Prof. Joseph  Galaskiewicz

About Speaker

Joseph Galaskiewicz,  professor of University of Arizona, had pulished several papers in American  Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces,  Administrative Science Quarterly, Annual Review of Sociology, Social Science  Research, NVSQ, American Behavioral Scientist, Sociological Research and  Methods, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Management  Science, Urban Affairs Quarterly, and Sociological Quarterly


An important factor in  restricting access is spatial networks. The imagery of the city is one of a  network. Depending on actors’ location in spatial  networks, they have spatial capital. We offer a formal model. Actors’ advantage  is based on their having access to certain resource that are place based, e.g.,  elementary school, shopping malls, parks, etc.