Automatic Intelligent Model Building System with Business Applications

Date:  July1st,  Saturday, 2017

Start Time:  14:00

Venue: Room A1003, Business  School Building

Speaker: Morgan C.  Wang

About Speaker

Morgan C. Wang received  his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 1991. He is the funding Director of Data  Mining Program and Professor of Statistics at the University of Central  Florida.  He has published one book (Integrating Results through Meta-Analytic  Review Using SAS Software, SAS Institute, 1999), and over 80 papers in referee  journals and conference proceedings on topics including interval analysis,  meta-analysis, computer security, business analytics, health care analytics and  data mining. He is the elected member of International Statistical Association  and member of American Statistical Association and International Chinese  Statistical Association.


An automatic intelligent  model building system was developed.  This system has five components: data  exploration component, data preparation component, model building component,  model validation and selection component, and the result automatic generation  component.  All components are resident inside the data warehouse and can be  used by company personal without model building training.  A case study using  this system on solving an insurance firm in China will be discussed in this  presentation as well.