The Case Study Center

The Case Study Center is an institute to systematically collect and compile cases in business management for the school's teaching and research, and a source of inspiration for all who want to pursue a career in business administration. 

The Center aims to provide a rich source of simulated and operational business cases for different branches of the business education and for research using case-based methodologies. The case database is designed to highlight the purposeful selection and interlink of cases. Cases are selected strategically to serve the core research and teaching areas of the school focusing mainly on Chinese cases. Semantic links between cases are established based on their topical, geographical and contextual features as well as on their intended use, to meet the need of a great variety of professional education programs offered by the school, such as MBA, EMBA, MPAcc and MPM. 

The Center also hopes to facilitate exchange between the school and the business sector, and between the school and other research institutes. By identifying the best cases through cooperation with the business sector and sharing cases with other institutes, the Center strives to maintain a database of up-to-date and relevant cases. 

By providing valuable materials for both teaching and research, the Case Study Center makes a great contribution to the growth of the school, particularly, to the development of the school's 985 Innovation Base.