Visa and Residence Permit

Upon receiving a favorable admissions decision, Nankai Business School will mail your admission package to your home university. You can apply for X visa with the admission package at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country. Please keep in mind that the processing time for visa application varies, so apply for your visa as soon as possible.

You may need to apply for a Residence Permit at the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau after the registration if you get X1 visa to stay for one year. The Office for International Students' Affairs at Nankai University is responsible for processing the visa documents and registration for all international students.

Health Insurance

Valid insurance is required for the incoming exchange students during their stay in Nankai. Students can purchase the insurance before departing to China. You can also buy Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plan for Foreign Students in China during the registration process.

The insurance premium is:

RMB300 for half a year

RMB600 for one year


On-campus Housing: Exchange students will live in YIYUAN International Student Dormitory, but we cannot guarantee the availability for all applicants due to the increasing number of students. The exchange students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao may live in the domestic student dormitory.



Room Facility

Cost (RMB)



Student   Dormitory

Double   Room

Bathroom,   TV, Telephone, Air conditioner, Heat, Internet

90 RMB/day   (within 30 days)

65 RMB/day   (30-90 days)

60 RMB/day   (more than 90 days )

Domestic   Student Dormitory

Four-bed   Shared Room

Telephone,   Heat Fan, Internet

RMB 600-800/   semester