Financial Management

  • 18722551912
  • 2 Ji CAO
    Lecturer ji.cao(at) Behavioral Finance, Financial Markets, Quantitative Methods
  • Professor 02223504335 corporate financethe ananlysis of financial statementsfinancial accounting
  • Lecturer Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Investing and Financing in High-tech firms
  • Associate Professor 022-23501569
  • Professor 23501157(请发邮件) CorporateFinance, IPO, Corporate Governance, Venture Capital, Capital Market, MultinationalCorporate Finance.
  • 7 Li LI
    Professor 022-23503929 Portfolio Investment and Securities Market Analysis,
  • 8 Yue QI
    Professor 23498792 Portfolio management,mutual fund management, Corporate governance of mutual funds
  • Professor 022-23509480 Financial Development and Economic Growth
  • Lecturer International FinanceEmpirical Asset PricingInvestments
  • Associate Professor 23509480 FinancialInstitutions and Financial Markets
  • Professor 13001393569
  • Professor 022-23508628 (Office:417) Options, Futures and Derivatives,    Credit Risks and Default Predictions,   Financial Engineering and Financial Econometrics.Probability Theory and  Stochastic Processes.
  • 14 Juan YU
    Associate Professor 13661097422
  • Associate Professor 022-23509634 Portfolio Optimization, Operational Research and Management
  • Associate Professor 022-23509480 Corporate Financial Strategy and Tax Planning, Audit and Management Consulting