Information Resources Management

  • Lecturer Health informaticsICT application in chronic disease managementHealth communication
  • Associate Professor nformation and  management;  Customer innovation; Virtual community; Social Media
  • Lecturer Online HealthcareHealth Information BehaviorInformation ManagementHuman-computer Interaction
  • Associate Professor 022-23507672 Government Information Resource Management, Issues on Information Society, Data Governance
  • Associate Professor 86-22-23491407 Webarchiving Personal information management Recordsand information management in agencies, institutions and enterprises
  • Professor 022-23501478 Knowledge Management; Library Management; Documentation and Bibliography Science
  • Associate Professor 022-23507851 Knowledge Management and Knowledge Governance, Information Behavior and Information Service, Competitve Intelligence,Education of Library and Information Science
  • Professor 23503652 Interactive information retrieval; Information seeking behavior; Personalization of information retrieval; Evaluation of information retrieval systems; Education of Library and Information Science
  • Professor 022-23500520 Library science theoryInformation CommunicationInformation organization and users
  • Professor 022-23502800 Knowledge discovery and sentiment mining Fundamental theories of information science Government information resources management and e-government Data curation and digital archives Network Society governance
  • Professor (022)23505843
  • Lecturer Government Information ManagementKnowledge ManagementArchival Science
  • Professor 15712219187
  • Associate Professor 022-23498059 reading research; information service and user research
  • Professor 23500769
  • 16 Man XU
    Associate Professor 13920363161 Big data driven intelligent decision-making, especially in  medical and health care decision-making.
  • Professor 0086-22-23506326 Foundation of Library and Information Science; Information inequality
  • Lecturer Information Systems, Digital Enablement, Smart City, User Experience